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  1. Do you understand that saying that you are "Puerto Rican" or "Dominican" is like saying you are "Floridian" or "New Yorker"…neither "Puerto Rican" nor "Dominican" nor "Cuban" is a racial designation. Think of it this way…Is "Canadian" a race? Is "American" a race? And NO "Mexican" is not a race either, regardless of the stupidity you hear in the US on a daily basis about the "Mexican" race, which has not existed since the beginning of the history of man as a bi-pedal, upright-walking species.

  2. great results man I'm also Puerto Rican & Dominican I was born in PR though  My 23andme results were 71% Europe mostly Iberian , 19.2 Sub-Sahara African, 5.7% East Asian &  Native American  and 2.3 %  Middle Eastern & North African..

  3. We have almost the same result i am Dominican. I am 49.5% European/ 31.1% African/ 9.1% Native American/ 3% middle Eastern and 7.3% unassigned. I just don’t like how 23andMe doesn’t really break down the African continent with like their regions and stuff it’s too broad.

  4. Oh snap, I remember seeing your name somewhere so I checked my DNA matches on Gedmatch and apparently we share 9.2 cM (5.9 gen). My name on Gedmatch is Franchesca G and most of my family is from Haiti, Cuba and DR.

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