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23andMe vs. Ancestry DNA Results | Vlogmas Day 10, 2017

23andMe vs. Ancestry DNA Results | Vlogmas Day 10, 2017

Comparing 23andMe vs. Ancestry DNA results! Earlier in 2017 I shared my AncestryDNA results and surprisingly my 23andMe DNA results are a little bit different!! Order your own DNA kits — AncestryDNA: https://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/6yd3o 23andMe: https://refer.23andme.com/s/latashamj

0:00 – 23andMe DNA Results
10:05 – AncestryDNA vs. 23andMe Chart Comparisons


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35 thoughts on “23andMe vs. Ancestry DNA Results | Vlogmas Day 10, 2017

  1. Your identify as African American ? Your more than 50 percent WHITE genetically ! A real black woman should slap you upside your head . Stop pretending to be something your not .

  2. Your two DNA results have confirmed my suspicions on 23 and me, with regards to the african portion of their results. People who used 23 and me were always puzzled about their low african percentage. Ancestry will score mexicans with an average of 5% african DNA, but 23 and me always scores it 2% or less. What that means is that, all the unassigned portion of your 23 and me result could be your missing african number.
    I was surprised that you didn't know what mtdna is. Your mtdna is your first mother, basically the origin of your being. The two mother's with the largest descendants in africa is L2 and L3. L3 was said to have originated from east africa, while L2 originated from west africa. Both maternal haplogroups are pretty spread all over africa with L2 having more descendants than L3. The reason given for why L3 was the mtdna that left africa and not L2 is because, 60 thousand years ago when the migration happened, L2 was still stuck in west africa. L2 was said to have arrived in east africa about 10 to 16 thousand years ago during the post glacial or holocene period of changing weather patterns. Eventually, L2 spread throughout the entire continent with the much vaunted bantu expansion.

  3. The Ancestry DNA one DOES list the countries in West Africa – 16:42 – Benin,Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria. I’m not sure what more she wants, they are practically all the countries in West Africa.

  4. I just sent my Ancestry sample in yesterday after doing 23andme. I'll be interested in seeing the differences. Strange to me that your 23andme showed a lot more Southern European than the Ancestry.

  5. I just watched all three of your videos on this subject, and it was very fascinating to watch! My dad and I are very into genealogy and have tracked our family back for many, many centuries. I am now trying to trace my husband's background as well. On paper, we are pretty similar. We're both white, ancestors from the British Isles (he has more Irish and Welsh than I do, but we're both heavily Scottish), and Germany (he has French, I have Hungarian, but both heavily German). We want to do DNA tests for Mother's and Father's Day for each other and we're trying to decide what test to take. He is 100% wanting 23&Me (the full report), and I'm leaning that way too because of all the information it provides. However, my primary interest is genealogy, which Ancestry does a better job at (I like that they break down the ethnic regions more), plus our extensive family tree is already on Ancestry.com. That said, I'm probably going to go with 23&Me… because I think I'd get more overall useful information and I don't think I'd really learn anything I didn't already know on Ancestry (through our extensive genealogical research). It's a tough call… if Ancestry provided all the health and wellness information that 23&Me does, I'd totally go with them (or if 23&Me broke down ethnicities more and migration patterns more, it'd be an easy call for them lol).
    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed your videos on the subjects! Thanks for sharing! I know you had received a lot of haters/trolls on your videos that made you possibly regret sharing the information (some people are just assholes, ugh… sorry you had to deal with that), but hopefully I'm in the majority when I say that I find these videos incredibly interesting and informative!

  6. This is so fascinating. Thank you for sharing. I just ordered 23andme for myself, mom and dad. I've done Ancestry and will compare results to 23 and me. It's amazing to see that we are all interconnected in the human family and we are individually an amalgamation of humanity. Also, for the health feature do you provide another saliva sample? Were the results revelatory providing info beyond what you might have known from parental health history?

  7. I know I would like to see the Health portion of the test. I myself don't know about my family history past my Mom and Siblings so I will be taking this test to learn more about myself and family some time soon. It's all interesting to me either way.

  8. hello , just for u know 23andme is a makeup test to african people in east africa so that give them more percentage of African blood and give them more in north africa,, so when they did the ancestry test all of them were highly white and they start complaining ,,, so 23 and me its all hocked for african continent more ,, just for explaining … it just been talked by Africans and African american to remove west Asian from there and now they are hitting more European like 2.5 and 0.1 west Asian ,, its fixed for them ,,,

  9. 23andme doesn't breakdown my British & Irish into Great Britain & Ireland seperately, maybe because I did my test in 2016, I think that's a very recent development, they perhaps haven't updated mine to that.

  10. Cool results. With your hair straightened I'd have probably guessed you had roots in India. It's interesting that the mixture of African and European that you have can yield a similar look.

    Also, the maternal haplogroup description that mentions passing through the middle east would be much too far back in time to be the cause of the ethnicity estimates in the rest of your DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is passed fully intact from the mother rather than being a mix of all branches of the tree, so it can trace much further back in time. Haplogroup H is common all over Europe – my maternal haplotroup is also H3.

  11. ..You can download your raw DNA from Ancestry and upload to DNAland, it will show on their map where your ancestors once lived by the CHECK marks and it's FREE!!

  12. I think that Ancestry has a much larger data bank of base line DNA than 23 & ME…. As more people become interested, the data will improve….. The lack of a relationship with your father is unfortunate… I pray that one day there can be some improvement…. The health feature could be interesting… I have been taking many of the 23 & Me surveys just to help build data and maybe help improving some of their "estimates."

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