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  1. I think Spain is in Europe. So that does not make you something questionable. Too bad you don't have a broader knowlege of the world. Spain doesn't have tacos in it's cuisine. Maybe you are concerned about being identified as kinda brown. If you had that American Indian blood you were told you had you would have had the browness you wrongly assigned to Spain.

  2. I think it's the stereotype of rednecks being racist. and it's the internet! the net is a breeding ground for unconstructive negative comments

  3. I am 15 percent African ,42 percent native American ,spanish,irish,and even Hawaiian. I am a big ol mix of wonderful human being .we all have blue blood til it comes out we bleed red .we all have problems and struggles. Hate is a horrible disease it's eating away at humanity.I think the meaning if life is love.We should all show kindness and love to one another.Plus hate is bad for your health it rots ya from the inside out.Eventually you will have a stroke or heart attack from holding in all that negativity.I just want to ty for posting your videos and for being a wonderful human being.I was also adopted my Father is black and my mother .Never met my real kin folk but that's ok.They loved me so much and tucked me in every night read my books and kissed my owies spanked me when I was bad .and cheered me on when I did something great.Thems my family and nothing else matters.

  4. The current British Royal family, The House of Windsor, was originally called House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. They obviously have German roots and changed their name in the run up to World War I in order to distance themselves from Germany.. Also, the House of Windsor admits to having both South Asian and Moor Ancestry.

  5. The English Queens family name is Battenberg, Mountbatten in English. They are from Germany. In WW2 they changed it to Windsor, a town and castle where they lived.

  6. Whoa there HOSS! I am Mary and Maya is my 10 year old daughter. Youtube has struck once again. Those comments were not meant for you. They were meant for Pagan Pages. I only "hate" on ignorant folks, and you Sir, DO NOT fit that category. I enjoy watching your videos. So sorry for the mix up.

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