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  1. Greek organizations essentially use Greek letters since the college students that started them in the 1800-1900s tried to emulate the independent/ democratic thinking that the Greeks promoted, especially since greek organizations are exclusive and ‘private’ clubs on college campuses, many of which would be banned back in the day. They also choose specific letters to differentiate themselves from other Greek chapters and many align with their founders’ beliefs.

  2. I haven't watched/listened to these podcasts in quite a while, trying to catch up on them all during a few sick days here. I forgot how much I loved all of these heated semantic arguments with Gus, Gavin, and Bernie. Good times.

  3. Wait so in America do you guys not have a “100 Metre Dash”??? I know you guys don’t use metres but this never actually registered for me. What do you guys call each of your elementary school races?

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