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After recieving the MOST SHOCKING Ancestry DNA results last week I did some digging…and in a matter of 48 hours all of our questions were answered. We found my Dad’s biological father and learned the truth about everything. Watch to the end to see the photos!!!

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If you haven’t seen my full DNA results STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! And Watch this!!! https://youtu.be/RB2qNF-7y80

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22 thoughts on “BIO FATHER FOUND | From SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Results

  1. Hey there Casey Rae. When I started my search for my paternal family, I came across your video. That was about a year and a half ago. Just like you, I had a grandmother who was very strong and judgemental. I grew up with her and never imagined it was her personality that probably drove my mother to remain silent about any relationship(s) she had before my birth. Once I found my Paternal half uncle, who was very kind and sympathetic to my search, I felt a sense of comfort with him. Unfortunately, since he was the oldest of his father's sons, his parents did not marry and he knew there were other male siblings that he never kept in touch with. After about a year of trying to track down the name on my Baptism Certificate, I just couldn't understand how my half uncle (who showed up as a Second Cousin) and the name on the paper were related? It was puzzling and that man really does exist. But trying to understand how my Half uncle and the other cousins with the same surname are related just led me to believe, that the man named on the baptism certificate is NOT My Father. The day I began to redo my family tree, my Half Uncle called me and gave me the number to his half sister. He has never spoken or met her but knew of her. I made the call and a very kind woman listened to my story. Within a minute of the call she told me details of her oldest sibling, who is her mother's oldest child (not her dad's) had lived in the town where I was born. She came out and told me the actual street where he was staying during that time and I just knew I finally found my paternal family. My second cousin match is actually my Dad's half Brother. But since my Dad and my Half uncle only share a father, this match showed he was 319cM's to me on AncestryDNA. I hope that helps anyone out there to find there family. So my Aunt was extremely welcoming and incredibly kind. I hope to meet her, my other Aunt's as well as my Paternal Grandma soon. I have asked my Aunt to please take the AncestryDNA test and she agreed. I'm extremely excited. My Dad passed away last year. I had mixed feelings about meeting him simply because I thought he didn't want to stay with my Mom. But the circumstances that brought him into the town where my Mom was living were such that he couldn't stay. I could just hear the possible condemnation of my maternal grandmother's voice in my head has my mother disclosed my Father was from the country they just left. I could imagine the utter disappointment my Mom would have felt by telling her Mom she would have to leave to begin her family back in the old country. It was a risk my Mom took, and in the end I found a very welcoming family. I can't change anything, just my outlook on why peculiar circumstances happen and play out. I wish everyone success in their search to find there lost family.

  2. I'm sorry your father didn't get to know his father, but at least he knows the truth and you know your DNA results are accurate. You also get the chance to learn about your paternal grandfather's ancestors.

    Some people don't even have that.

  3. I found out my father ISNT my bio father. Within 48hrs I found my bio father (who has rejected me) but found siblings that they have no contact w him. So, it sounds like he wasn’t a nice guy… but that’s ok… I gained 3 siblings I never knew about! Ancestry DNA is amazing

  4. I just Love your Southern Country Accent…it’s GREAT 👍🏽. I’m Glad that you posted this outcome and you’re ability to find your BIO Dad. 🤔🙏🏽🙇🏻‍♀️💗🔍🕊💎🧬

  5. I am in the same situation. Found out who my mom's bio dad was. He passed in 1992. I found bio dad's son which is my uncle on Ancestry. My mom had a heads up about who her real dad was, but she was in denial. She said my grandma did not know what she was talking about. Dna proved grandma was right about who her bio dad is. Mom is still indenial.

  6. This should not be painful. Everything in life happens for a reason. We pick our parental situation before we come in. Phillip stepped aside or was meade to step aside for the benefit of all concerned's higher development. We learn the most out of disorder. The take away here is that Phillip held his son in his heart his whole life.

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