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Haitian GRANDMA'S Ancestry DNA Results! | It All Makes Sense Now!

Haitian GRANDMA'S Ancestry DNA Results! | It All Makes Sense Now!

Hey guys! I know this video is long overdue..I knew it would take me FOREVER to edit this video so I was procrastinating, but its finally here 🙂 So glad I had my 93 year-old grandma take this test!

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25 thoughts on “Haitian GRANDMA'S Ancestry DNA Results! | It All Makes Sense Now!

  1. I was curious about this because of my husband (now 81)'s grandfather. He was a distinguished medical doctor in Germany and went to England for a vacation with his wife and daughter (my mother in law) just before WWI started. The British threw him into jail, mostly solitary confinement. He came out a different man at the end of the war. He wanted nothing to do with his wife, didn't believe in marriage. Back in Berlin, he dressed like a hippy–long robes, sandals (no more tophat!)…and collected a group of people to leave Europe to start a commune for social justice. They all went to Haiti! There he was murdered because of political strife. We know he co-inhabited with several local woman. So–my husband had some unknown uncles and aunts there. His mother didn't have a father, and when she was young–20 or so–came to then Palestine, now Israel. So….German genes in Haiti.
    We're Jewish–no Ashkenazi genes?

  2. She all African people you got to understand that we stayed in Europe for 10000s of years was in America 1000s of years before Columbus , Mexico to. We are EVERY WHERE. Haitians and JAMAICA ,Caribbean, Cubans or African

  3. Basque are a unique people. Im part Congolese and Catalan, the Basque and Catalans were their own people that are under Spanish rule today. Basque is rare, congrats

  4. Great info. I’m also Haitian and always wanted to find out my bloodline also. But I’m thinking of going with the AfricanAncestry kit which they can tell you which tribe we’re from in Africa etc. maybe in the future you could do it and compare the results with the AncestryDNA.

  5. Interesting you've got o% Senegalese, because you look like a typical Senegalese especially Wolof. I'm from the Senegambia region and I'm Seereer through and through on both sides.

  6. my heart is pounding right now, your grandma is my 3rd cousin, I just saw my younger's sister name as her 3rd cousin in your video and my heart dropped. We are related from my mother's side

  7. Basque have the largest amount of Rh- blood , always fighting , they are sheep herders generally , especially outside of Spain , and the Basque region is the mountainous area/region between Spain and France . They're different from all the other people of earth because of their blood , its a mystery . Your grandma is a pretty lady , and you're a pretty young woman . Basque Sheep Herders went to AU , western US , other countries , many desolate places to tend sheep . I love your smile .

  8. I also took a couple of tests (with several subsequent uploads); Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Tanzania, Senegal, Guinean –as well as present -day Sierra Leone and Liberia. Asian countries: Philippines, Indonesia/Madagascar, some South Asian (Pakistani/Afghanistan); Turkish, Mongolian/Native American, a little Arab/Berber (Egypt, Libya). Northwest Ireland/U.K. leads the European ancestry, all but dwarfing the French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese strains (just where the Kosovo came from, I have no idea). I have noticed a few distant cousins with roots in Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and even Mexico.

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