Home DNA AncestorI Found Out My Dad's Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1
I Found Out My Dad's Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1

I Found Out My Dad's Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1

When Sam got her family DNA tests for the holidays, she had no idea it would completely change her life. Follow her on her journey to find her biological father.

This is part 1 of BuzzFeed’s three-part mini-series. Check out part 2 here: https://youtu.be/eiOlx6boNCw

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32 thoughts on “I Found Out My Dad's Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1

  1. I wouldn't lose sleep over these test because I personally think it all a bunch of crap. Always want you to buy more tests. Oh. You have matches 25-50 generations ago, so what new. Show me on paper the records!

  2. I get wanting to find your relatives, I really do, but I also think this man has a right to remain anonymous. There's no reason to think he wants to be seen as a father or have a relationship with any of these children, which seems like something he should have respected because he was just doing a favor to future couples wanting to conceive. I mean, it's one thing to find out your health history, it's another to find a new 'father', which puts a lot of different pressures onto the person.

  3. Pandora's box… not referring to the young lady in the video, but the sperm donation and all the other genetic tampering we've been doing and will continue to do over the years… Glad she was able to find her biological father, I believe it is crucial to have this information. Best Wishes to you and your family.

  4. Your bio father was a sperm donor that make your parents happy having you and your siblings. Your father is the one who loved and raised you as his own. That's the important thing.

  5. Brian has a couple of companies. One ot them deals with stem cells. It looks like he is using the ones from china, from placenta and he is injecting it in his body very heavely. Since placenta cells are to make babies grow faster, thats the intention of mother nature, he is growing his face and body again, so his body dont need to grow orgams or bones because he is 55 years old, but he is forcing his body the way mother nature didnt intended, since this cells are in premature steps no body knows how it works on adults. The same happens with bodybulders and growth hormones, thats why they look awfull and they have a huge stomag, becuase their guts keep growing and the muscles break. The same happens with brians face, his nose grew too much. He is young, 55 is really young but he looks like he is 75. Funny is that this thing he does in china is backfiring him. In the states is not allowed. Finally, he is happy he has goten biological kids, so he can blood or cells in case he needs it. The whole 3 parts of the story are really sad. Curiosity killed the cat, and I see sam really awkward because she doesnt know what she is doing to her feelings but she films the whole ordeal, mibght to be someone on the internet and taste fame, who knwos, but sadly it backfired her just like his bio father with the stem cells. Sad documentary, I dont see the point. I guess it is what internet feed us, I we dont know if it is good or wrong until we see it. I wasted my time.

  6. It's not 'a slap in the face' or selfish to want to find out about your biological parent/biological family. I have a half brother who was told at 17 that my mom was six months pregnant when she met my father, and his stepdad. He cried for days over it, and still calls my dad dad and nothing has changed about that relationship. But he still wishes that he knew that side of his family. And that's completely understandable. He could have siblings or anything, really.

  7. Can't help but think; spoiled selfish brat, what a slap in your father's face, he wanted you so much he needed another mans sperm to bring you into his life, he loved you, took care of you and raised you very well by the look of things, but you threw all that back in his face going after another man. One that tossed you into a test tube for money and walked away.
    The brother… he must be a lovely young man that makes his father proud.

  8. I just learned the same thing a few weeks ago. A simple, for fun, AncestryDNA test brought out 30 year old secrets. I wanted to make a family tree, see my genealogy, where my ancestors were from, find 3-5th cousins I’d never heard of. Instead I found a half sister and a first cousin who I didn’t recognize.

  9. I found out I was adopted by accident, I found adoption papers whilst I was cleaning in the cupboard, it messed me up big time, I made this video today about it, come watch it if you have the time, feelings of rejection are real you cant get away from that, also a crisis of identity comes, I wish I never knew.

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