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45 thoughts on “Lopez Tonight – Snoop Dogg's DNA Test – [Snoop Dogg is WHITE]

  1. Oh George Lopez was too scared to touch that 23% Native American eh? Because you start giving Native American stereotypical gifts, that crosses the line right? Foh. Give them a head dress and a pipe and Move on. Lol

  2. It would be very illuminating (like showing the extent of rape by slaveholders) to include Y-DNA and mT-DNA tests. A lot of African-Americans might find that they have Y-DNA from Europe even though they look black and their autosomal DNA might show majority Sub-Saharan admixture. It is highly likely that among the generations of African-Americans female slave ancestors at least one was raped by their white masters. If any of those rapes led to pregnancy and childbirth, they would inherit the Y-DNA of those rapists.

    It might be too personal and embarrassing for African-American celebrities (to also be descended from the perpetrator, not only the victim) if many or even most African-American celebrities would show Y-DNA from Europe. Admixture tests are safer and more enjoyable in the context of a ‘Who’s blacker?’ contest.

    I saw a TV show where they did those Y-DNA and mT-DNA tests to pinpoint which African people the guests (Chris Tucker, Ben Carson, Quincy Jones, Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg and others) descended from, down to possible tribes. They started with the mT-DNA from the female guests and kind of muffled away possible Y-DNA results from Europe (no mention at all of any Y-DNA from Europe) and focused only on the African DNA.

  3. there isn't one black look. some of y'all in the comments sounding uneducated. east africans tend to have higher cheekbones, thinner lips and softer hair than west africans + african americans but they still just as black.

  4. Snoop's family is from Mississippi. My husband is too and he's native American on his mother side. I've always said Snoop looks like my husband's family. And of course, they have gorgeous curl patterns.

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