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Mexicans Take DNA Test!! We're African?? ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS | History Kitchen

Mexicans Take DNA Test!! We're African?? ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS | History Kitchen

Hi everybody,

I know this isn’t food related but I thought I’d upload our Ancestry.com DNA analysis reaction!
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Here is the breakdown of what our bloodline looks like:
65% Native American (Indistinct)
25% European (13% Iberian, 8% Western European, 1% British, 1% Scandinavian, 1% Irish, 1% E. Jewish)
5% West Asian (4% Middle Eastern, 1% Caucuses)
3% African (2% South African, 1% North African)
1% Pacific Islander

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44 thoughts on “Mexicans Take DNA Test!! We're African?? ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS | History Kitchen

  1. why ignorants idiots like to make it complicated ?
    Mexicans is not a race mexico is The new world Like united state of america And Canada , australia , Brazil , argentina …etc
    Soo You can bee ( native american mexican ) or ( spanish mexican ) or ( italian mexican ) or ( irish mexican ) ( saudi arabian mexican ) And you can bee "mestizo" which means The spaniards colonizers who mixed with The natives tribes . And for Skin problem its easy , Native americans tribes they have dark brown skin and mexicans are ( 20% only natives , 50% mestizo and rest full white or asian ) the Mestizos Can bee very dark to little bit light because it depends on how much european blood they have then native blood . Soo as everyone can see its not problem Like childish stupid peoples Make it .

  2. same story , don't FORGET , Spanish French, British AND the Moors invaded America in 1492, when Colombus raped the land and the peoples culture. don't be too proud of that Spanish blood…

  3. Look at all the Mexicans fight in the comments, about how black isn’t in their bloodline. 😭😭😭😭😭 but it is, some Mexicans have more African and native in them. Then you have some with a good mix and then some that are more European. Y’all need to stop, everyone comes from Africa. Now where your ancestors, left off at and what they became, is different. Race is a white mans controlling tool. The more he keep the browns fighting the longer we’ll be ignorant and stuck. Fighting over the wrong things lmfao.

  4. Its normal to have Jewish and North African Moor blood to anyone with Iberian DNA because the majority of conquistadores were from Southern Spain which had more Arab and Jewish admixture because of centuries of Moorish rule and the region term Andalusia is actually of Arabic origin.

  5. I'm actually not surprised most Mexicans identify as Mestizo a mixture between native American and Spanish. But lets go to beginning Native Americans migrated from Eurasia (mostly Siberia) into America through a land bridge connecting Siberia to Alaska I believe, today Siberia( which is from Caucasus to central, east and northern Asia, but is owned by Russia today) is inhabited only by Russians but indigenous Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Ket, Chukchi, Koryaks, Yupik and Yukaghir so it is likely Native Americans were a proto version of these peoples that evolved into their own race and ethnic groups which would explain central Asia and caucuses. There were also some pacific islanders such as Melanesians and Micronesians however they were a minority. Spain and Portugal prior to becoming nations were actually invaded by multiple Muslim nations including Uymyad Caliphate who were Arabs, Almoravids and Almohads which were Berber/ north African and moors who were also north African but interesting enough had also large black slave armies mostly from West Africa as well as allies from indigenous black north and north African tribes mostly from Sahara such as Fulani, Hausa and Tuareg however this does not explain south African DNA as it is completely different region. Andalusia was known for having a mixture of Muslims Christians and Spanish and their dialect was influenced by Arabic which also influenced Spanish accents in Latin America as many moriscos(Muslim converts) and Basque people migrated to America when Spain and Portugal conquered the continent. However, even though Mexico was Spanish territory many other Europeans migrated there as well as white Americans explaining western European. Spanish & Portuguese brought allot of slaves with them to Americas in fact most slaves went to carribean and south America not North America(even though Mexico is in North America Spanish territories traded slaves with each other) who originated mostly from the west, central Africa but also some regions in South Africa & East Africa which explain south Africa DNA, in fact, there is an afro Latina minority in Mexico today.

  6. They did introduce Africans into Mexico as slaves and some rather than accepting that escaped so there are also Mexicans of African descent and there is also the argument that the Olmec's were of African origin since they had African looking features.

  7. There were also Africans in India that were taken there as slaves that did escape so there are Indians who are of African descent. Think of all of them had a part in leading the way to you.

  8. Like I always say majority people in the world except for the white people here are mixed with black so I don’t care how much you don’t like it black people you got black people bloodline of you I don’t care who you are so wake up everybody stop being prejudiced towards black people because your ass is a black one percent 2% 3% I don’t care you black so wake up stop hating our ancestor black

  9. I have known Mexican kids from different families who had blonde hair, as a child, but lost it, once they reached a certain age. So even though they might now look more native-American, they still have a higher European blood percentage.

  10. Its deeper you have moorish blood running thru your veins that's why you have all those mixed blood lines because they were the last great sailors. Look into the moors ruled most of those lands your blood is related too

  11. If your Mexican there's really no reason to get a DNA test, we're literally EVERYTHING!!! Mexicans have every shade, hair color & facial feature. A friend of mine who was a mason once told me "Mexican" basically means "Mixed" lol.

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