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23 thoughts on “Piper and 23andMe: The Results

  1. Centuries ago people migrated more than people today realize.
    Your results suggest you have distant ancestors who populated those areas a long time ago. Or someone from Iberia moved to Germany and married a French or German person. Now, there are so many people in the Americas who have four or more ancestries because of all the migrations. By highest percent, I have Irish, British, German, Scottish, Macedonia, and Spanish. And yet I have a German surname!0

    There are now tests that can match men with their close cousins and distant grandfathers if there is another male that has a certain marker in his DNA.

    My test showed I have DNA from a small group of europeans so it will make it easier for me to connect with cousins who still live in europe if they ever submit their DNA to 23andme!

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