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Swedish Ancestry DNA test #23andme

Swedish Ancestry DNA test #23andme

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Join me as I finally find out the results from the DNA test I took this summer to find out more about my Swedish ancestry. I have waited so long to find out more about my ancestry and heritage and today is finally the day!

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35 thoughts on “Swedish Ancestry DNA test #23andme

  1. Finally I see how ancestry calls folks gypsies, without using the term gypsy. She definitely has the features I see in gypsies in Germany and scandinavian. By doubling up on the %'s they are covering their tracks, regarding the gypsy-ness they detect.

  2. I have a problem with people drawing on freckles. I know its a thing now, but I feel like its the same thing as when people who don't need glasses wear them anyway because they're cute. You don't know the struggle. LOL

  3. misleading thumbnail, and i hate make up, heavy make up is something performers use to enhance their features so the audience in the back can see it because they r sitting far, it is definitely not for up close

  4. Aweeee. You shouldn’t be alarm just because you’re 100% European/White. Europe is actually a diverse continent based on culture and ancient migration. Especially Germanic migration. Although here in the western world. We view diversity as in skin colour. Which is pretty bad in my opinion. We need to focus more on nationality and various ethnic groups that covers all of Europe, Africa and Asia.

  5. DNA test doesn't give informations about your 50th ancestors, or about your ancestors who lived before 1000 A.D.
    there where your mystery is located.

  6. BLESSINGS……its crazy some people feel the need to live vicariously through other people……….most europeans have dark hair and eyes….blond is only an exception and white people are the most diverse in our eye and hair color?? ⚘

  7. Hello, I am a refugee from Sudan and I would like to come to Sweden, to live off your benefits. I hear that Sweden gives good money to those who are unemployed. I have a big family of 11 (with my 2 wives) & I would like to bring with me my cousin Ibrahim and my Uncle Omar (with their families). In honor of Sweden (as my future homeland) I am going to name my next son Mustafa. Next time u do a video, please make your White women wear a hijab and a niqab to respect Allah.

  8. When I see your eyebrows, eyes and facial shape I would guess an middle eastern, but your nose telling that there is nordic in you. The interesting thing is that people are busy for your hair and eye colour while there is tones of brunette northerners.

  9. Wow, she is so disappointed of her results! She wished she had African and Middle eastern it seems. Here we have someone that hate her whiteness and race.

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