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Ancestry DNA Test Results! WHAT’S YOUR ETHNICITY? Comment below! Get YOURS for $59 Ancestry DNA: https://goo.gl/RQMk93 Today we’re gonna find out what I ACTUALLY AM! Along with my friend Raki too! Everyone asks me this ALL the time! Asian? Black?? White? In this video, I’ll be talking to you guys about the differences between ethnicity and race, along with what ethnicities I actually am! What I talk about in this video are my experiences and my opinions about different things regarding ethnicity and race. Some African-American may be almost full African, very rare but it happens and others have more European ancestry. As a child I grew up ~going along~ with the one drop rule but as I got older, I realized that actually has no logic and I just go by what I actually am, mixed 🙂

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22 thoughts on “WHAT AM I? ANCESTRY DNA TEST RESULTS! African-American?? 🇬🇧

  1. Can you imagine what some of the comments would be here, especially from black folks, if there was a white person up here with 70% European ancestry and 30% Sub-Saharan African ancestry? How many do you think would say that person is not white? Yet we still call a person that is 30% European, black. Although the one drop rule is gone and defunct (some dummies still believe in it though, I kid you not), the effects of it still linger in how people are identified and how they self identify in the US.

  2. White and black is not a race. It’s an Anglo/Germanic caste system label. I’m Southern Italian and most people don’t consider me white either, I’m just an ethnic Caucasian. White European= Anglo/Germanic and Scandinavian Protestant. Ethnic Caucasian European= Portugal,spain,Greece,southern and central Italy.

  3. Why do so many Americans have a problem calling themselves American without attaching an ethnicity? The exception to this habit is European Americans who appear not to do this. They just call themselves Americans. What do Americans call an American who is a mix of Spanish, Mexican and American Indian?

  4. Congrats on finding your results! The majority of the people commenting here make me realise just how sad it is that history has continues to make us the fools that we are. I for one hope we can grow and gain much needed wisdom in future generations to come. Wow. Quit letting slavery enslave us. Quit spreading all this hate. Just be proud of who you are. #SelfLove

  5. Not at all, race is what you are in terms of skin color(white, black, beige, red, yellow) and ethnicity is based on where your ancestors are from. Ethnicity doesnt have a lot to do with culture

  6. 100% Black American! Obviously idiots don't understand that this means she will have an far admixture of non-African DNA. I'm Black American too and proud. Mixed people are the Drake's of the world.

  7. When you said your parents are African American, and then you said that means they are mixed i am like hmmm, are you trying to say all African Americans are mixed? Cause thats not true you could be born in america and have an african descent which makes you an african american, you can be african but have an american citizenship which makes you and african american.

  8. You know that's only your maternal side meaning your mother's mother and her mother mother only it's not getting you DNA from your grandfather on your mother's side in to get your paternal DNA you would have had to have your brother if you have one take a DNA test to get it this is only a small part of your DNA

  9. Your mother's father could be 90% sub Saharan Africa but that DNA test will never show that your father's mother DNA could be 90% agent but that DNA test will not show that I cannot stress this enough a DNA test does not give you your full DNA just a small percentage most DNA tests only test your maternal blood side which is your mother's mother and her mother's mother and their own is sold fourth so when people get these DNA test stop saying that's who you are because it's not just the small percent

  10. You probably are more Cameroon in order to get a full accuracy DNA test you have basically haven't got to get all your cousins DNA data as well as brothers and sisters when you look at your grandparents on your mother and father side they probably are more black correct that means you are mostly sub-Saharan Africa people need to understand these DNA test mostly only give you your maternal bloodline it's just giving you a small percentage of Who You Are basically like 1% of who you are and not the whole thing

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