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14 thoughts on “My 23andMe Results!! OMGGG

  1. Just Steph says:

    Doing this was sooooo cool! And before you get negative my DNA is already in the system as I was an intern with a Crime Lab. I loved the results so it was worth every penny!

  2. I thought I will never do a genetics test again after ancestrydna, but the way you were picking it apart and the facts, you make me want to do 23andme

  3. You look and act like a pure sister though

  4. Yeah, obviously she's got a lot of white in her, she's an attractive mix. As for those tiny percentages of less than 1%, that's just noise, essentially zero. With some makeup and without that awful hairstyle, she could look really pretty.

  5. kout31 says:

    You pronouncing haplogroups right, you just forgetting to pronounce the p, actually you butchering some other words 2, but it's all good.??. So your mom is white and father is black? Actually 60-65% is about right for mixed black/white people, being most american whites are 95-100% white, and American blacks are average 80% african.

  6. p5c6s7 says:

    So now that you got your DNA results from both companies, which do you prefer and would recommend? Ancestry DNA or 23andMe? I'd love to know because I'm trying to figure out which one to do.

  7. i thought you had more european then others, and very beautiful of course goes without saying,

  8. N vd Plas says:

    like your vid but dnt use omg its blasphemy!

  9. Cree X says:

    My 23andme is still useless to me I have more broadly things than anything at this time. Once they complete their updates with the new populations will see. Thanks for sharing your results my sista!

  10. Wow, genetics is amazing. If you are 62%, you should look more on the European side. But you look just like me minus the eye color. I'm on 25% European. You are beautiful (just wanted to throw that in there)

  11. John NY says:

    I drink a lot of coffee too. I find it helpful to relieve headaches.

  12. John NY says:

    Thanks for sharing, Steph. I remember your other DNA videos last year. It is valuable to know whether or not you have a genetic risk for certain diseases (as you mentioned, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), but it would be depressing to learn that you do, since that is out of our control.

  13. Interesting results! I have a similar skin tone and I'm about 52% european and 44% african

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