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HOW ASIAN AM I? (FILIPINO) | 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results

HOW ASIAN AM I? (FILIPINO) | 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results

In this video you get to see me find out my DNA ancestry results from 23andMe! Hope you guys enjoy!

Overall, I felt that my results were pretty accurate, I just wished they were more specific with my Asian DNA. I know the main reason for the broad categorization is due to the fact that 23andMe’s database doesn’t have a lot of Asian samples.

UPDATE: I am now using Dodecad v3, as I feel that gives more accurate results.

GED Results
#Population Percent
1 Southeast_Asian 75.69
2 Northeast_Asian 8.55
3 South_Asian 8.22
4 East_African 2.77
5 Mediterranean 2.01
6 East_European 1.42
7 Palaeo_African 0.81
8 Neo_African 0.37
9 Southwest_Asian 0.16

I feel that the GED results are a more detailed version of my 23andMe results. I’m still pretty much Filipino lol.

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25 thoughts on “HOW ASIAN AM I? (FILIPINO) | 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results

  1. Hi ranni! I've been meaning to do this test as well. Glad you've done it. 🙂

  2. HBlaine says:

    i thought 23andme doesnt ship to the philippines?

  3. I'm form Cali I seen a lot filipinos that look like you lighter skin sorta bigger eyes

  4. Curtis M says:

    So it doesn't say which countries from East Asia you're from?
    I want to get this test for my GF, but not if it doesn't breakdown the Asian countries at all.

  5. 23andMe can only tests your DNA going back only 500 years (which is very recent). Living DNA on the other hand, can test your DNA going back over 80,000 years ago. I received results that Living DNA picked up, that 23andMe could not pick up. For example, according to Living DNA, 3.5% of my ancestry is from the Indian Subcontinent. Which makes sense, given the fact that over 1,000 years ago, most Filipinos were Hindu and Buddhist. I'm half Filipino half American btw.

  6. *nz J*b*r says:

    Ranni have you tried ancestry.com? it is $59 til april 29. im just curious. my husband and i just bought but i feel like i want to back out and just do 23andme. my husband is white (german, irish, turkish) so he can do ancestry

  7. Maybe the reason why your .1% jewish, during holocaust, 1,200 jews fled in the philippines, when no country was opening doors for the jews, the Philippines is the country, that open their doors for them. So its not surprising. It was during 1938 .

  8. Good Vibes says:

    My Gedmatch Dodecad V3 Filipino results
    # Population Percent
    1 Southeast_Asian 77.65
    2 Northeast_Asian 10.73
    3 West_European 3.54
    4 Mediterranean 3.23
    5 South_Asian 1.93
    6 Neo_African 1.32
    7 East_African 1.17
    8 Northwest_African 0.42

    Mixed Mode Population Sharing:

    # Primary Population (source) Secondary Population (source) Distance
    1 92.4% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.6% Portuguese (Dodecad) @ 2.75
    2 92.6% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.4% Spaniards (Behar) @ 2.83
    3 92.5% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.5% IBS (1000Genomes) @ 2.83
    4 92.5% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.5% Spanish (Dodecad) @ 2.84
    5 92.8% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.2% French_Basque (HGDP) @ 2.88
    6 92.6% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.4% French (HGDP) @ 2.96
    7 92.5% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.5% N_Italian (Dodecad) @ 3.07
    8 92.6% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.4% North_Italian (HGDP) @ 3.07
    9 92.7% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.3% Sardinian (HGDP) @ 3.15
    10 92.3% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.7% TSI (HapMap) @ 3.23
    11 92.3% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.7% Tuscan (Henn) @ 3.24
    12 92.6% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.4% CEU (HapMap) @ 3.25
    13 88.9% CHD (HapMap) + 11.1% Portuguese (Dodecad) @ 3.26
    14 92.4% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.6% O_Italian (Dodecad) @ 3.29
    15 92.7% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.3% Orcadian (HGDP) @ 3.3
    16 92.5% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.5% Tuscan (HGDP) @ 3.31
    17 92.7% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.3% Orkney (1000 Genomes) @ 3.31
    18 92.6% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.4% N._European (Xing) @ 3.31
    19 92.7% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.3% Argyll (1000 Genomes) @ 3.33
    20 92.8% Vietnamese (Xing) + 7.2% Dutch (Dodecad) @ 3.33

  9. SGT 1372 says:

    You may get even better results from WeGene, which can reanalyze the raw data files from Ancestry and 23&Me.

    It is very good for Chinese but not sure how good it is for other Asians. The upload is free. So, it can't hurt to try. This is the link to the English language site: https://www.wegene.com/en/

    WeGene also has Chinese language site (you need to use Google Chrome to translate it) that provides (in addition to the basic ancestry report) reports of genetic hereditary, health and other traits, which Chinese and other users who have paid for the service have access to but you have to receive special authorization to use that site if you haven't paid for the service.

    I received an unsolicited invitation to use the Chinese language site and the information is provided is quite extensive; much more so than the additional reports that 23&Me will provide if you are willing to pay them $100-125 more beyond the $99 (or so) for the basic ancestry report.

    These additional WeGene hereditary, health and other trait reports are also likely to be more relevant to people of Asian ancestry since they are based on WeGene's primarily Asian user database, as compared w/Ancestry's and 23&Me's primarily European user databases.

    BTW, WeGene could not provide the supplementary trait reports using my Ancestry raw data file; it can only do so w/the 23&Me raw data file.

    FYI, I have obtained DNA reports from Ancestry, MyHeritage and 23&Me and have uploaded the raw data files from all 3 to GEDMatch and the raw data files from Ancestry and 23&Me (the only they will accept) to WeGene.

    Based on my experience, the reports I obtained from WeGene's reanalysis of the 23&Me raw data file were the most detailed, useful and informative.

    The uploads to GEDMatch were also free and I ran all 3 raw data files through 6 of the available DNA programs but I did not find the results any more useful in determining my heritage than the results I obtained from Ancestry, MyHeritage and 23&Me.

    Only WeGene's reanalysis of the 23&Me raw data file provided what I considered useful and relevant results based on my Asian ancestry.

  10. So pinoy ka nga ..pure

  11. Olive Ra says:

    I did it too! I thought I was ? Asian but found out I'm Native American too.

  12. I'm half Asian half American. Though other than being half Filipino (Malay and/or Austronesian ancestry to be exact) and half European American, I also have a little bit of of Japanese, Chinese, and Cambodian ancestry as well. Statistically it's meaningless this %of 0.8% and 0.2%. Filipinos in general are an Austronesian people related to Indonesians, Malays, all the way to Madagascar (i.e. the Malagasy people). Plus some filipinos are mixed of other Asian ancestries as well, kinda like mine that I mentioned above. This grasping at trying to find Spanish ancestry is a little bit too much and is practically non existent.

  13. cc cher says:

    Im always waiting for the neantherthal part

  14. I think most Filipinos are a mix, but mostly Asian/Polynesian mix

  15. Awesome and funny video

  16. Okay I always knew Im Filipino. But sometimes people mistaken me for anything else. I think Ive got to take this test.? Wish me luck

  17. PREDATOR X says:

    kuya pano po sila macontact ? Plssss help po

  18. 3egjq2 says:

    I think it's common for Filipinos or other south-east Asians to get  South Asian (India, Pakistan etc).  
    Maybe we share similar genetics. 
     Even South Asians get East Asian or South East Asian in their DNA results.

  19. Lenerio says:

    The guy just can't admit he's a Filipino! nothing to be ashamed about it dont sugarcoat it by saying your connected to Native American? bitch!v your nose is small like any other Filipino your height is short that is for sure.

  20. browniegay says:

    You are right. It’s looks like the majority of people are mixed. I had Irish, Europe east and west, and Scandinavian.

  21. azure kite says:

    +Ranni Great-great grandparents are not way down the line.

  22. No offense but you don't even look Asian to me. I'm Chinese and we look far different than you

  23. Kris2Chan says:

    My parents are both filipino and I was expecting to get like more than 1% european (or spanish) lol XD but guess what, I got 99% SOutheast Asian hahaha T_T and like Chinese but that was it. Wish the results were more detailed it is too expensive

  24. Mick W says:

    90 % Annunaki here, 10 % reptile

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