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23andMe Customer Story — “I Found Them”

23andMe Customer Story — “I Found Them”

After search for decades for her mother’s family, Diane lost hope that she would ever find them until her daughter tested with 23andMe. See her story.

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


19 thoughts on “23andMe Customer Story — “I Found Them”

  1. Dang it, it’s too early to cut onions

  2. Mel McL says:

    Beautiful story x

  3. I’m waiting for the results so I could relocate and reunite my family on my father side that I haven’t met before.

  4. YOU truly american i love how many find out they are mixed , its funny people are like you mean there will be more mixed people in the world soon, i am Spanish English Inca/mya and my kids i know have Asian blood because of there moms dad , well welcome to the worldly family i love the color gray it goes well with any color.

  5. I was adopted and was interested in connecting to a blood relative so I took the test.

    I found a first cousin who then told me about my father. He was a serial rapist and murderer who is serving a life sentence for a triple homicide of a family and rape of a 15 year old girl who survived the attack with severe injuries. My mother apparently commit suicide so I believe she was one of his early rape victims. 🙁

  6. So happy for all of you! Just a wonderful and loving family.

  7. I hope my experience is like yours… I feel so alone

  8. JezzMC says:

    Heart warming. ❤

  9. Nicely presented..touching. Love the stories, I too am awaiting anxiously for my results to find my biological cousins..my biological father is deceased and this will be both scary and amazing..your story gives me hope.

  10. Pat Holt says:

    Will Dialysis show up as running in the family & any blood disorders? I'm on Dialysis & have been for 3 yrs.

  11. Beautiful story , u all look alike

  12. As a donor baby do you think this can help me find where my biological father and his family is from?

  13. Donna Roth says:

    Genealogy is fascinating.  Essentially, we are all related.  Just depends how far back.

  14. I'm hoping to find my half-brother. That's why I signed up with 23andme.

  15. Don't get your hopes up. I get notified routinely about fifth cousins. That's almost no relationship at all. They may be reporting on rare exceptions not typical cases.

  16. That is really a sweet story

  17. I had tears in my eyes seeing this story. It gives me hope. Steve Paul mentioned about not getting ones hope too high but this testing gives us more than we had before the autosomal testing breakthrough. You must test at all the companies to give you the most matches possible for that one match that might connect you to family. After three years I have finally gotten a 2nd cousin which is good and I know for some a match like this has been successful in helping find their parent. If you are not in it …there is no chance you will win it! It is a gamble but very worth the try!

  18. Steve Paul says:

    But Adopted readers thinking of buying the basic $99 test, especially those
    that know no name of their ancestors, don't get your hopes up' too high,
    setting yourself up for disappointment.

  19. LPPrince says:

    D'aww watching at the moment

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