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Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

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Not sure which DNA kit to purchase? This video will give you an inside look on both Ancestry DNA & 23andMe. you’ll see the pros, cons, and real cost of siding with both companies.

Take the test:
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23andMe DNA Test:

Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!! https://youtu.be/ef30KOiffcM

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47 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

  1. Jeff Scott says:

    Thanks for all the time you took to do this, very helpful.

  2. Still undecided but great video very informative

  3. kim love says:

    Ok ok but all this is doing is giving ur dna in the data base. Why??????? Would u do this . this shit is a set up.

  4. Thank you for posting this as a person who went through the foster care program and was separated for my family it seems like 23andMe would be a great tool to find out exactly what my lineage is and what traits and such I have in my DNA especially when informing my daughter

  5. I recently did my test with MyHeritage and they give poth the father's and Mother's lineage. I know this before as I am half Spanish and I got the results from my father's lineage…you can watch the video on my channel…

  6. l a says:

    which would you say has more data on middle easterners?

  7. dose it tell you who your mother is?

  8. Bernardo B says:

    Marketing ploy. Where are you from? Jaja from mommy and daddy and from Trinidad and Tobago ?.

  9. LuvCali28 says:

    I wasn't entirely satisfied with the ancestry component of 23andme. It says I'm 60 percent European and most of that is simply "broadly European". I had wanted a more specific idea of where my ancestors were from. Of course I'm part European – I knew this already.

    …And the rest – 38 percent West African. Nothing more explained beyond that. Hopefully they can update my results somewhere down the line.

    The health information was interesting though.

  10. Can it tell you who da baby daddy iz?

  11. Wish I would have watched this before going with 23

  12. Grant P says:

    You know the Cops just caught a "killer and rapist" who had been on the
    loose for 30 years – thru a "familiar" DNA match. His DNA wasn't in any of
    the data banks – but I believe his daughter or someone close had this done,
    as shown on the video. This guy killed 12 people and raped 40 – 50 women.

    The Cops submitted the killer's DNA – and when they got back the report,
    it showed people with "very similar" DNA profiles. After narrowing down
    some possibilities- age ( male, female) and others, they narrowed it down to
    this one man, who had not killed in 30 years. He's now awaiting trial, after
    they picked him up at home. This will become very common in the future.

    I believe this "familiar DNA" will be used a lot in the future to capture those
    criminals who don't have their DNA in a data bank. All that has to happen,
    is a daughter, son, or cousin submits their DNA, and if it shows a very close
    match — they will get the guy !! I like the idea, how this DNA makes this a
    very small world — so the bad guys will not rest easy.

    In a case like this, they would have to have the "killers" DNA from a crime
    scene, its just that he or she was never caught, as was the case "above.",
    however they can store his DNA for 30-40 years, likely frozen etc.

    Note – in order for the police to take your DNA sample, you must be convicted
    of a felony — and a lot of these killers, have no arrests, or criminal records,
    and they appear "very normal" . Now they have something to worry about !!!

  13. Something to add is that if you keep your DNA on the 23andMe Database they will send you emails for whatever new feature they add. For example, when I took the test the neanderthal thing wasn't a feature yet and then when it became one they sent me my results for that. So you get a lot more bang for your buck on 23andme

  14. The only thing worse than giving your DNA away for free is paying someone to take it from you. This chick like so many others on YouTube have been paid to do these test and post these videos in order to get the sheeple inline with paying to give the rights to your DNA away…. WAKE UP.

  15. its all bullshit….put your DNA only don't give your last name, don't tell where you people come from, according to them its based on your DNA, watch how everything come's back inconclusive…. how stupid can people be, how can they tell how much Neanderthal you, what neanderthal race are they comparing it to….

  16. Send your picture to Ford models. You are so stunning. I think you would make money modelling. Straight female talking.

  17. cinna mon says:

    Thanks….I prefer Ancestry DNA.

  18. Sloe Bone says:

    Why are you just sending these companies your DNA? This is perhaps the most personal thing you have, it’s a blueprint of who you are. People refuse to give out their phone number, they guard their email address, you are constantly worrying about your privacy online. But you just send some company your most personal information to put in their DNA database?

    What do think they are going to do with this ultra personal information? The answer is, you don’t know. Let’s just say your medical records are protected for a reason. This information can and will be used against you at some point.

  19. I did 23 and me and my results should be here soon

  20. u eh haf tah take no test! i could tell yuh, u is 100% TRINI! 😉

  21. Great Vid! Great voice too. I could listen to you talk for hours

  22. Boi Koi says:

    But the cops already got my dna.

  23. So sweet of you to do this. Thanks!

  24. You wont spend more on ancestry at all! You can cancel you're subscription at any time…

  25. BleTrick says:

    Yeah no thanks. 200 dollars? Nah

  26. dbess1 says:

    @Alison Ryce Half the time I was listening and the other half I was thinking how gorgeous you looked!
    Nice and thorough video – thanks!

  27. I have just discovered that I come from a long line of complete arseholes.

  28. Alan M says:

    Ali you look amazing regardless of your dna

  29. soso says:

    girl you are beautiful and so cute

  30. In your thumbnail. you really looked like Tyra Banks.

  31. Which African Nations did your ancestors come from ?

  32. You don't start to really get old until age 57.

  33. Great video!!! Both my mom and I recently went with 23 and Me…Still waiting on results…I am very excited about receiving results as I have some unexplainable health issues…I’m hoping the results will provide enough information to explore more possibilities ….

  34. Thank you for your video you went into everything.


  36. Alex Avery says:

    Both collect and sell your dna and personal data to 3rd parties ? ask me how I know.

  37. Wow thank you now I can't wait for my results I went with 23 and me

  38. I could listen to your voice all day!
    Audio narration in your future?

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