How healthy am I? How much coffee do I drink!? All will be revealed but the 23andMe DNA Test

Ancestry DNA Test ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdL1FN3_YMo

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37 thoughts on “HOW HEALTHY IS JACKSEPTICEYE? | DNA Test (23andMe)

  1. Sam Dietz says:

    Does anybody notice that his lips aren't stnced with the audio

  2. I have least Neanderthal whatever u call it then u

  3. JD Gaming says:

    i dont trust the dna companies

  4. Akaryusan says:

    coffee fiends represent lift your ridiculously oversized mugs in solidarity! lifts mug almost as big as my head

  5. I understand the old parents (kind of…?) I'm 11 and I'm not gonna get specific but my mom is in her early 50's

  6. Shit in box? XD XD XD

  7. Don't buy "23 and me" because it's Google's way of keeping your D.N.A and knowing more about you and your health and what's worst is that australian doctors have already started experimenting on age reversal process and maybe in the future they can reverse your age but it needs to have your young D.N.A right? Like a saliva maybe? Well guess what, when your youngself gave your saliva D.N.A to "23 and me" maybe in the future they would ask you "hey do you want to have your young saliva back for the age reversal process? Well it only cost for about 10,000$" So don't just give your D.N.A to some company like "23 and me" because it may also be a way for the government to know things about you genetically, They might know how to track you down and even worse is that they could even control your mind!!!!!!

  8. Well, it does say "likely" not "for sure". It's not saying that you definitely wouldn't like sweet over salty just like you wouldn't definitely have like lighter hair, you could've, but it just wasn't as likely.

  9. Eth 0G1 says:

    your selling your DNA info

  10. I love watching Jack learn

  11. Jack this video made me cry, because now they have your dna and could control you 🙁

  12. I would love to do this stuff but I am very impaitient

  13. My youngest cousin moves a lot in her sleep and she almost suffocated in her sleep once because of the position she moved into

  14. Just came from Shane Dawson's video.
    I'm shook!

  15. Came from the Shane Dawson video. ?

  16. darek4488 says:

    You need to peel the grapefruit parts, because only the white parts are bitter.

  17. I thought coffee wouldn't energize me but then i had a month long break from coffee and when i consumed it again, i lost the whole night' s sleep 😀 my coffee consumption spikes in winter and diminishes in the summer. I don't mind the taste, but i drink it mainly out of habit 😀

  18. mileno says:

    now…..go watch shanes newest video. NOW!

  19. Interesting video??

  20. I drunk coffee and I got so jittery and never drunk it again ??

  21. ted ex and "really good" doesn't go together.

  22. 20-30 something % FUCKIN MOTH????
    Never knew he was part moth

  23. My audio keeps desynchronising

  24. Adenosine, guanine, cytosine, and thynine (thymine?) Are the four whatchamahcallits in DNA…. Haha… 7th grade science.

  25. did anyone notice it said shit in box

  26. mike tyson says:

    My mom has macular degeneration has to get a shot in her eye every month or so to keep her from going blind

  27. Holy shit, I’m 19 and my dad is 37

  28. I just realized that me and Sean have the same initials, excluding middle name. My god.

  29. 6. Shit in box?


  30. Was his voice off since for a little or just me

  31. I too move a lot when sleeping XD Like before I sleep I’m at the right side of the bed then when I wake up I’m upside down position and I’m getting near to fall off XD

  32. "My pee smells like, 2 hours after eating asparagus."

    this is the content I subscribed for

  33. Macular degeneration leads to blindness jack :v

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