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White Guy’s DNA Test Results | 23andMe

White Guy’s DNA Test Results | 23andMe

I took a 23 and Me DNA test. Here are my results, though I mainly just wanted to find out my chances of going bald. Subscribe or I won’t like you: https://goo.gl/bdtZLo

23 and Me do DNA tests. They didn’t pay me to do this and it’s quite expensive. You be the judge as to whether it’s worth it.

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37 thoughts on “White Guy’s DNA Test Results | 23andMe

  1. I noticed how you conveniently forgot to mention that tiny percentage of East Asian.

  2. Adam Cope says:

    Lucky man, Unfortunately I have some spic in me so I hope I still get 100% european.

  3. he looks like albino African and and Chinese!

  4. The average is only 36% Native a typical native Brit DNA is Iberian, Scandinavian and French and Irish, whitey's moaning them sleves into extinction. hahahah Joking !!

  5. Dede Long says:

    OMG!!!! that scream tho!!! ????

  6. John Smith says:

    7:14 Soyim Boyim good Goyim.

  7. Self hating white guy spotted

  8. Maaaaannn i just found out your channel!.I'm in love with ya accent! It's so freakin hot?

  9. What was your paternal haplogroup, father's line?

  10. I know I'm late seeing this, but I saw in a flash as it went by, those were NON-FATAL heart attacks, weren't they? You're precious. : )

  11. Lil Dudy says:

    Pure european is nice.

  12. I found out I'm 5% black so I guess I can say nigger now and nobody can call me racist. Nigger Nigger Nigger.

  13. The people who drinks the most coffee are actually from Norway and Finland

  14. Redeemed says:

    Let me guess.. you’re
    French/German (Western Europe)
    In that order.

  15. a64750 says:

    i'm 20% neanderthal

  16. DafuqTVXY says:

    if youre gay and like men, why do you act like a woman then. i dont understand those gay people

  17. try Moi says:

    It seems so interesting to know what kind of traits and genes you carry based on the health report. Its funny because we share some similar ethnicities like Irish, Norwegian, Danish, French, and so forth but now I kind of know what to expect when taking this test thanks to your example.

  18. You know you are really irritating and yeah You take long to get to the point

  19. Han Vroman says:

    ….character wise you look like chess grandmaster gingergm.

  20. So what is the other.. 0.4%…Neanderthal.. Not trying to be funny..skipped half of this video

  21. Sasha K. says:

    I can't with you lool

  22. modern white people only my DNA has 0 Neanderthal

  23. I have just purchased my own kit, and sadly, while perusing youtube, this was the first I came across…. Being follicly challenged is your MAJOR FUCKING ISSUE!?? But of course you must just be taking the piss!

  24. I thought your name was Pizza John for a second

  25. you actually have a 3/4 chance of getting your baldness from your mom, so most likely it’ll be more like your moms hair

  26. Moona M says:

    No need to be disappointed to be white. The Europeans invented the Microscope, the Light bulb, the Telephone, Photography, Film, …etc. etc. Everything people are using all over the world. And beautiful Art from Michelangelo to Monet and Van Gogh.

  27. …first time viewer. you are awesome bro! super charismatic! instant subscribe & stalk! lol

  28. So the 199$ version is the one with the health thing that you were looking at, whereas the cheaper version is just the ancestry part correct?

  29. I do not understand the people obsession with being from Europe because after the Catholic Church the second genocide in history was in North America so really I do not like to think people celebrate the history of Genocides of Spanish and English.

  30. Your hairline is exquisite. Is it from your Neanderthal side?

  31. Nia D says:

    I always find it extremely strange when a man starts mimicking a girls mannerism of excitement

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