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How accurate are DNA tests like 23AndMe?

How accurate are DNA tests like 23AndMe?

We followed two people as they took tests from two major providers of in-home DNA testing — 23AndMe and Ancestry.com — to see how much the two sets of results had in common.


32 thoughts on “How accurate are DNA tests like 23AndMe?

  1. Be proud to be black bro!

  2. GAME4WAR says:

    That black guy really thought he was European?
    Well that shouldn't be surprising since British television portrays Shakespeare,Sir Francis Drake and the Ancient Romans as Black.

  3. the reason for differences in the results because they just make them up stupid

  4. If you're Caucasoid(a so-called White Person), you should NOT be shocked that you are European!

  5. What a crock of shit these things are…. Give me $100 and I'll just look at you and I'll tell you what continent your from with 99.9% accuracy

  6. Why is he surprised? he clearly look half black? outside Europe ?

  7. Steve Jobs says:

    Anything outside of Europe? ??????? I'm shocked that he is 49% white!


  9. Dude, the guy wasn't even half white. He does look like he had some white European in there, but he is obviously, obviously mixed race– and obviously has African in him. Obviously. WTF was he surprised?

  10. Robert C says:

    You didn't have to do the DNA .. I just can see your sub Sahara Africa. ..

  11. That guy actually was surprised that he's from Africa lmfao

  12. which means his mother (who was adopted from Germany) was even more sub-saharan African than he is and he MET HER. he's not adopted, his mother is. He's denying his own mother. Pathetic. I saw another video where a Korean woman was adopted and raised in America and looked 100% east asian. She was "shocked" that she was not white because you know she grew up with white people so therefore her bloodline must be white also (sarcasm). These people are just plain SAD.

  13. lol he thinks he is a white man?

  14. five5x says:

    Dude didn't think he was only white. He thought he was white and native america. Many blacks in america think they have high percentages of native american, when in fact it's a bit of white.

  15. He sound racist & unhappy about his results

  16. ???? homeboy really thought he was white like bruhhhh

  17. This guy is clearly mixed race. How come he thinks outside of Europe is a shock. You can see the features of his face are not very European. South European are dark but look nothing like him.

  18. Mo Minor says:

    Lol @ "anything outside of Europe would be a surprise"?? Come on black man look I the mirror brotha.

  19. man this nigga is crazy, surprised to be from outside of europe and the fool was surprised to see he was 50% african…this clown must of been raised by all white folk inside a house with no tv or windows

  20. Come on man African features are showing all over your face bro

  21. English roots are African

  22. L. Sher says:

    Richard Myles – you are posting up links and acting as if you have the know it all on the races? Well FYI – sub Saharan Africa – includes East Africans – Not sure what you mean about features – don't you know that all features originated from Africa? Also, are you saying there are no mixed persons with flat broad features and tight curly hair? I have seen many. What you are failing to understand is, what others are saying, is, it is evident that he had African ancestry in his DNA, it shows on him. I was shocked when he said he would be surprised if anything outside of Europe shows up – seriously? He had to be kidding. There are Black people who are 20 to 30% European in their DNA that look like this guy and they are considered Negro – maybe that is the term that will work for you. Note that to Europeans – most would see him as Black and nothing else. Sorry buddy. I saw him as a man of high African descent with European but I saw the African in him first.

  23. PoGirl says:

    Not just the data base, but if your machines are not calibrated correctly, I would believe your info will be off. Many years ago I ran a professional Kodak lab and had to constantly test and retest the machines so the colors were right or the film and prints would not be optimum or even ruined. Sometimes I wonder how accurate they do things there. All those tests should have nothing to do with a data base. Is there an actual DNA test for nationality? I don't think they base your nationality on a curve.

  24. The man looks back maybe Egyptian surely not white. Poor soul.

  25. You're saying it's a hoax? No, It's not. DNA doesn't lie. What's wrong with you people?

  26. More like anything outside of Africa would be surprising! Did he think he was white??

  27. It's speculate at the country level but at the continental level there pretty accurate

  28. Keep in mind thet are lying

  29. Did he say anything outside of Europe would be a suprise?

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