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My DNA Results!! What’s My Background?| 23andMe

My DNA Results!! What’s My Background?| 23andMe

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Hey guys! My name is Jewellianna Palencia, aka JeweJeweBee, and today, I have an exciting video that tells you all about my background, race, ethnicity, nationality! I answer some highly asked questions about my background like: What is my race? Am I mixed? What am I mixed with? and What is my ethnicity? I also share my 23andMe Ancestry and Health results ( which were pretty shocking DNA results for me lol); and I also share with you pictures and information about my ancestors, family, and my awesome parents!

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31 thoughts on “My DNA Results!! What’s My Background?| 23andMe

  1. ANTPHRESSH says:

    Your dad looks NATIVE to me.

  2. ANTPHRESSH says:

    You are Native Guatemalan folks are NATIVE with a little bit of Spanish.

  3. ANTPHRESSH says:

    He is not Hispanic. Hispanic is not a race. Your father is a indigenous to this continent

  4. No User says:

    I really wanna do this ??

  5. So you are basically half west African, 1/4 native American (central America to be more precise), and 1/4 Spanish. Your father is basically a mix between Spanish and native American, ergo mestizo which is typical for people from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and other Central American countries.

  6. Unassigned basically saying your wakandan

  7. On average, people get around 0.1% unassigned. WHAT YOU GOT FOR THAT IS CRAZY!!!!!

  8. kkh369 says:

    Wow, that is some HUGE hair. It's like a huge bush on your head. Or some kind of large palm tree.

  9. I didn’t even know u were born in Washington I’m a Maryland baby too/ district Colombian baby?

  10. I’m not shocked girl, most South American countries have people who are the result of Europeans and Indigenous people procreating after the colonization, most people from those countries have a lot of Spanish and indigenous or Native American blood

  11. Zion Davis says:

    I really wanna do this but its a 100 dollars

  12. My ethnicity is Puerto Rican and my my mom and dad just took DNA tests and it literally said basically exactly what most Hispanics are made up of and that my family migrated to Puerto Rico it was still fun to see their results though

  13. My dad was raised in Guadalajara my mom was raised in California

  14. I saw a lot of people showing their results. Could you tell me which brand to use? I'm Bahamian (from the Bahamas) but my great grand father was from Germany/Poland. His wife was Bahamian but I was told she was mixed with something too. So I'm just curious.

  15. U actually looked mixed soon as i saw u…i just felt u weren't european

  16. My shit told me i was cape verdean

  17. I did not know you were local ?!!!!!

  18. I dont see any European features on her because real Caucasians have very long thin faces with very long thin pinched noses and very thin lips.

  19. 0 0 says:

    And 100% Beautiful

  20. When my nana took it she was 27•• British

  21. You're barely black. lol

  22. Bryan wolf says:

    Wow if you were 45% African then you shouldn’t look like that. Your hair and skin should look different. You look like your 70% Africans. Strange ?

  23. So what percentage makes a person black ? My sister and I are in the high 70s for west African and the rest is European and Middle Eastern.

  24. Mines came in as: Nigeria 46%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 9%
    Senegal 8%
    Cameroon/Congo 7%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 4%
    Native American 3%
    Benin/Togo 3%
    Europe East 3%
    Great Britain 3%
    Iberian Peninsula 3%
    Mali 2%
    Finland/Northwest Russia 2%
    Scandinavia 2%
    Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers 2%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu 1%
    Europe South <1%
    Asia Central <1%

  25. Your results make sense, because your dad being Guatemalan, I was thinking Spanish colonization (that explains the Southern European result) so Spanish and native american mix, so your dads ancestors mixed with the native american population, but your mom is African American, so I thought you would have 50% black african, but perhaps she also is mixed to some degree, it will be interesting for you to understand your parents mix, you have slightly less than a full 50% black african blood.

  26. Rico Cox says:

    Guatemalans are native americans

  27. account says:

    Nice video, thank you. However it reveal how it dramatic that actually American people still shock that they have European Ancestors. It shocking after all efforts done in educations that people still ignore it.

  28. Awesome video and I really enjoy your family story and your results thanks for sharing!

  29. MakeupNerd says:

    i've never taken an ancestry test but i'll be surprised if there is anything in me besides jewish

  30. I waiting for my kit, I've been told that I'm German, African, Polish or French, so………. Yea

  31. girl, Native American means native to the Americas such as south America, central America, north America. It doesn't mean native American Indian. I took my test with ancestry dna, I also have a high native American percentage as well and ancestry dna specifies this on their site. It just means latino or taino. Very little people are Native American Indian. Most are just lying…….

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