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DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) – Smarter Every Day 176

DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) – Smarter Every Day 176

If you want your own personalized DNA genotype data here’s the link: http://www.23andme.com/smarter
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A special thanks to Dr. Neil Lamb at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. A major mission of Hudson Alpha is to educate the public and promote genomics literacy. I talked to many scientists about Genotyping but Dr. Lamb’s ability to break down the complexity of the human genome is what finally brought it home for me. Hudson Alpha provides many opportunities for Genomics Education and
Hudson Alpha is http://hudsonalpha.org/ for explaining the difference between Genotyping and Sequencing. To contact a super smart Genomics Professional at Hudson Alpha click here: hudsonalpha.org/contact

Genotyping and Sequencing are very different:

The 23andMe Genotyping service is provided by LabCorp
According to their website, LabCorp is “The World’s Leading Health Care Diagnostics Company”

No Private or Health Information about any individual was recorded or shared in the making of this video (This video is HIPAA compliant).

A special thanks to the Lab Manager Amanda Douglas for being a complete science rock star and a great person to work with I spoke with about a dozen LabCorp Employees who are under Amanda and every one said she was an absolute joy to work for. I know my experience working with her great and I hope her boss reads this blurb I wrote down here in the video description and gives her a high five and a big fat bonus or something equally as awesome.

23andMe provide Genotyping testing using an Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip. Here’s a bit about the chip. Heads up, it’s incredible technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVG04dAAyvY

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29 thoughts on “DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) – Smarter Every Day 176

  1. The only way i could personally trust genetic testing is, if in the future the package would come to my door and by giving me instant results just like blood sugar testing for glucose. A strip for example that changes colors, that allow the person to match the colors.

  2. Sis Blk says:


  3. I would have asked the Lab what precautions do they take to prevent any cross contamination. (Quality Control)

  4. They look like brother and sister, it’s kinky.

    thanks for this video!

  6. xSaddam85x says:

    Cool but how will this help the third world?

  7. In the very beginning, he says "What's up?" Like, really? He's an engineer and he knows tons of things that I love to learn, but he doesn't know what up is. The definition of up, in case you were wondering, is "toward the sky or a higher position."

  8. This is the first time that I have watched a SmarterEveryDay video and I have to say that it will probably be the last. You seemed to take what I would consider to be a terribly complex topic simplified it to absurdity. Let me just say, I’m not talking about something trivial like giving a complete stranger your driver’s licence, your credit card information along with pin numbers, your secret passwords and phrases to email accounts and banking information. If you have ever lost your wallet, as a monumental task this is to re-privatise your identity and your life, all this information can be changed. Your genetic information defines you completely and irrevocably. Letting us know that they sponsored the video does explain the hard edge questions that you asked this company since they allowed you to ask anything you wanted. My favourites were “are these the sequencers and you are hiding these samples somewhere.” I just found the whole paid report a little patronising.

  9. MattacksRC says:

    I find these services pretty interesting but I'm hesitant to do it because they're holding onto your genetic information in a big database. I'm guessing this information could become very valuable at a later point.. I'm sure health insurance companies would love to get their hands on that data… They could very easily change their privacy terms at a later point and choose to sell the genetic information to the highest bidder. It's unsettling to think about that information being used for nefarious purposes. Now if they promised to delete the digital data that would be a lot better then just throwing away the spit tubes..

  10. Yetizrach says:

    So shilly, you are telling that "giving up 0.2 %" of DNA information is fine, while this is crucial information for insurance industry, medical industry and so on. So now I know that you are not trustworthy because you carry an agenda, but still fun to watch.

  11. You guys are such a cute couple. You both seem like really nice people.

  12. 95% of our genetics are same as chimps, probably 0.02% is enough to distinguish you from every other human in the world, maybe (not sure about) if replace exactly this important 0.02% in a "standart human" genom, a cloneshould look verry close to you. Remind that they dont analyse these 99.98% because its nearly equal to every human and so unimportant.

  13. After watching you ask all those softball questions, I don't feel like I have learned anything about what this company does with the data they collect.

  14. It is stated in their privacy policy they can use your DNA for other means.

  15. Until I can take a completely anonymous genetic test I'll pass. Anything else is just fast forwarding us toward Gattaca.

  16. For the ~4:00 segment where he's explaining genotyping vs. sequencing: this doesn't really make it any more private. It mostly excludes the data that all humans share, and includes all the relevant information that makes you you. Privacy isn't protected by that exclusion. This may well include your genetic medical information, preferences, and targetable data – all the stuff most important to keep private.

  17. Look up an "interview with a vampire" the Rothschild's admission!

    Interview with the Vampire (a Rothschild) – Pastebin.com

  18. You have been misguided. This company is used by the elite for matching, in case the rich needs organ transplants also to use for purity so they can use us in richuals. They are organ dealers and Satanist that eat people's pineal glands. These people are sick!!! The founder of 23andMe is married to the founder of Google and her sister is the CEO of YouTube!! #Qanon #followthewhiterabbit

  19. the question is can someone really get full DNA sequencing by analyzing from spit or it really need other sample?

  20. i dont get the concerns about privacy at all.
    first, they're only getting part of your genome, so it's not like they could make a clone of you with that (which also doesn't really bother me as they have no way to raise such clone in the exact same way i was raised), secondly there's nothing interesting to get from your DNA that can be used against you because, as has been stressed several times in the video, these things are based on probabilities and don't necessarily reflect to what you are or aren't.
    seriously, if you're still concerned about this then you're being a hypocrite for even being on the internet as there are orders of magnitude more important information that your ISP has of you than could ever be obtained from this.

  21. KSpark25 says:

    Before I had insurance, I remember spending about $150 for a routine blood test at the doctor. The doctor did not say anything regarding genetic predispositions from that blood test or any blood test I took thereafter (with health insurance). Somehow a $100-$200 online DNA test is going to tell me more about my health (or potential health) than a doctor would tell me from a ~$150 value blood test? My question is, why are these DNA tests so "cheap?" Isn't analyzing DNA more complicated than analyzing the amount of cholesterol or vitamins someone has in their blood? Why don't doctors give us the option for a DNA test report like one 23andme would provide when we get blood tests done?

  22. Shilling, and definitely a #NWO puppet for "YouTube"… Where's your ADAM'S APPLE MR.? #FTM

  23. How long does computing and reporting take?

  24. Kessa says:

    What happens to the samples customers agree to have maintained for other use?

  25. Justin, what a cool guy

  26. Destin we are some of those warehouse grocery shopping rednecks over in Cullman. My daughter is 3 and like Labcore"we would like to ask you any question". My daughter watches 2 YouTube family Chanel's during the day and both have their vlogs have baby birth stories posted. We watch your shows in the evening. Her question is "can she watch when your baby was born". She is 3 and doesn't know the physical aspect but the vlog side. She assumes all channels show or tell about this because we watched Jhouse and SamandNia. Do you have any thing video like that to share.

  27. Heres a plot twist, they paid destin an they keep everything and know everything?

  28. “Welcome to the institute”

    Oh boy

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