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23andME DNA Test Results

23andME DNA Test Results

23andME DNA Test Results
I always get asked “What are you?” “Where are you from?” “No, where are you REALLY from?”
My family background Is kind of fogy since one of my moms adopted me, and my biological father was an anonymous sperm donor.
People often think I’m part filipino or part Korean. I’m sure all my hapa viewers can relate to my experiences regarding random people trying to label you. I’ve had a casting director tell me I should audition for Latina roles. On Guam I was just Haole since I wasn’t Chamorro. My Biological father is Chinese on paper and my mom thinks I’m German or British. My mom wanted an east Asian donor. Lets find out my ancestry dna / ethnicity / race / family history

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49 thoughts on “23andME DNA Test Results

  1. I have Indian in my DNA and every country in Europe basically (and some Chinese). I had to upload it to several sites because my results are cray cray ha ha

  2. I hope I can stick my Big C to your mouth to shut you up for a moment.

  3. r sims says:

    It's your Australian percentage

  4. South East Asian and proud 🙂

  5. try Moi says:

    Cool results. You remind me of a Powerpuff girl character.

  6. unassigned means like tgey cant really find thag place hwaa

  7. Zach says:

    you look like Selena Gomez

  8. South east asian is probably philippines

  9. Holy fuck your mom is a sick person. Robbed you of your racial identity and a solid family base. I actually feel very sorry for you since you are innocent

  10. I haven't taken the 23 and me test, but all I know is I'm half British, part Indian, part Afghanistan and my says we have quite a few Canadian ancestors.???

  11. Eurasian says:

    She exactly looks like an anime

  12. loved hearing your results, currently waiting on mine and i’m so excited!

  13. Emily K says:

    Who says they want to be East Asian??

  14. Hapas are a disgrace. Y'all are nothing but self-hating mutts born to a yellow-fetished mother/father.

  15. MetaView7 says:

    Wow… with today's DNA websites, you can easily track down your sperm donor father. :-O

  16. xiu xiu le says:

    To me, you have a face of an Asian girl.

  17. You look hapa. You look half-white, half-Asian. But you can tell you are Asian more than white to me.

  18. I never thought "I wanna be asian" but then I did my DNA test with 23 and me…and I got a small percentage East asian…sooo yeahhhh haha. Its listed as Yakut though.

  19. The test is lame, lol i think its not accurate

  20. why are you so loud

  21. I would've guessed you were a mix of white and vietnamese or korean.

  22. abc z says:

    you are so annoying i wanna slap the shit out of you.

  23. 23&me is not a good place to see if you are asian

  24. Angel Lee says:

    You're beautiful and you look like an anime! 😀

  25. You look happa. I don't know why people are saying she only looks white.

  26. Red Robin says:

    I'm 30% White 10% Redneck 35% Beaner 70% Nigger and 99% Nazi German

  27. eh , azn girl, got yo snap to share for yo azn dudes?

  28. So in conclusion, Half-British(or Irish) and Half-Chinese

  29. i guess you didn’t get our asian logic skills ? yikes

  30. God damn you’re annoying

  31. No Way says:

    Kory, your sure are 100% annoying. lol.

  32. Ryan Tian says:

    I'm drown in the sea of "like"

  33. Yun Ni says:

    I thought she looked Irish ! You lucky did not get that Asian eye gene

  34. Lol gosh you're so loud

  35. GrazzCity says:

    Where was she born?

  36. She sounds exactly like Eugenia Cooney..

  37. Am I the only one who is annoyed by her?

  38. dayum gurl you fine as hell. gonna get an asian bf?

  39. I feel bad for the kid

  40. ExoPanda says:

    Is it just me or is she shouting.. I need to watch it in mute

  41. catguy 121 says:

    Was your dog meowing

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