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Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

I can’t handle this right now!

Special Thanks: https://www.23andme.com/

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vector map of France
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Philippines on white background vector
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Vector Great Britain Pictogram
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Japan country map
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Lao Peoples Democratic Republic Laos map
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Vietnam map on white background vector
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India Map
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China Map
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vector map of South Korea
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Philippines maps for design – Blank, white
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3D Animation of Immigration and Global Migrant Routes
RupertBritton/Getty Images
Hands Opening 23andMe Ancestry DNA Kit
Tribune Broadcasting – Anna Burkart/Getty Images
dna structure research
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exercise silhouette in the country in the sunset
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Family Tree HD Video
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From Dna to Human figure Dark Blue
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Female and Male Scientists Working on their Computers In Big Modern Laboratory.
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28 thoughts on “Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

  1. Does anyone else realise that Thai and Taiwanese is not the same thing?!? ??‍♀️

  2. Jay birdly says:

    I wanna do this, Im asian american. (Burmese)

  3. J PF says:

    Indian girl is pissed

  4. He is Native American like me

  5. Clement W says:

    “You are more French than Kevin!” sounds like a diss. I like it ahaha

  6. V QA says:

    CHinese and Vietnamese mixed a lot

  7. My family on my dad side IS LETGEL RICH IN TEXAS HISTORY

  8. Gabriel says:

    To be honest I think it'd be so cool for them to take just brazilians to take this dna test haha we are all just so damn mixed that you just can't tell where your family came from.

  9. Angge Bugz says:

    I agree with this. I have the same experience

  10. "My life is not a lie !" xD

  11. UMN Mode says:

    It's a really good video except for all the ignorance shown by some people in it.

  12. Here if you have spent even a year in Costa Rica you are already Costa Rican

  13. Zach V says:

    4:01 the moment u have been waiting for thank me later

  14. UMN Mode says:

    The Phillipino guy is so adorable. He looks like a sweetie.

  15. I'm Asian. People think I'm Chinese! I'm not!!

  16. kung-fu intensifies

  17. I really would have thought Aria was white

  18. You could do the DNA test in some Brazilians … It would be nice to see the real miscegenation in Brazil ??

  19. jena800726 says:

    Please please don’t include Taiwan into your China map.

  20. D N A! *dudungg dudungg

  21. I'm 96,3% south african, 2.4% german, 0.8% canadian and 0.5% brazilian…..

  22. You belong to earth… human….

  23. Oh wow I don’t think uber ever seen a video of these where someone was 100% something, or where several people were very close to 100%

  24. That’s a great way to put it “sometimes you feel like you belong everywhere, sometimes you feel like you belong nowhere”

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