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23andMe: Reports Overview

23andMe: Reports Overview

23andMe offers multiple ways to understand what your DNA says about you, including health, traits and ancestry reports. Watch this video to learn more about the different categories of reports we offer and to see example reports. 23andMe brings the world of genetics to you. www.23andMe.com.


32 thoughts on “23andMe: Reports Overview

  1. Can't get my results. Where is their phone number ???

  2. My initial report said I had more than 3% Neanderthal but this revised report does not list Neanderthal at all. Why?

  3. never received my reports

  4. I can't seem to get my report to print. I tried 3 different computer/printer. Wired and wireless. Won't print, HELP

  5. My husband sent his 23andme test tube in a month before I did. And they mixed
    our two tests up. And also sent my husbands to my email account and his email account.Can't keep the DNA straight. How can you trust them?

  6. Did they take away Drug Response from 23andme? I've seen it on other people's and I have the Ancestry and Health pack but I can't find it anywhere

  7. Also, it doesn't show your DNA, it shows you what countries your ancestors came from. My ancestors are Germanic from eastern Europe who were expelled after WW2, so they came to the U.S, but it showed the eastern European countries even though they're not Slavs.

  8. I see a lot of people taking the test and they say Austria is in eastern
    Europe, why? Also, why Hungary and Romania are considered eastern
    European when they're not Slavs.

  9. I'd like to gives a try !!

  10. Toby Tover says:

    Received my report today…. it told me nothing that i didn't already know and was totally wrong on some reports. save your money

  11. sent mine in and never received report

  12. Why the hell do you include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait etc. in North Africa ?????????

  13. I want to know if I carry the APOE4 allele. Wlll the reports you provide with the $199 kit tell me this?

  14. GG says:

    Why doesn't the FDA allow health reports? In Canada it's perfectly allowed! Is this one of those murica religion guns freedom etc.. etc…. related nonsense? Did the Republicans pressure the FDA to drop authorization or funding will get canceled?

  15. I have received no significant results since submission more than a year ago.

  16. thanks 23 and me i got the kit for my 12th birthday and found out a lot of surprising things for example I'm 1.7% ashkenazi. The kit also told me my distant cousins who got 23 and me dna kit. it also told me I may have Alzheimer's when I'm older as I have two copys of it. I'd recommend this kit for anyone of any age I live in the UK and the kit got to Leeds 2 days before the 21st of August and I received the answers In November.

  17. Lamed Vav says:

    The new site is AWFUL!

  18. Results are anecdotal and nothing more.  Save your privacy and don’t use this service.  Corporate 23andMe: Piss Off.

  19. where qare my results

  20. I don't know whether it's because I'm stupid or whether it's because I'm Australian and the health testing is illegal here, but I can't find any useful reports on 23andMe. I WOULD like to find the means of easily identifying and contacting distant cousins. That big list of people who might be 3rd-6th cousins is useless. I've been crawling all over the site and am none the wiser. I am not at all impressed by 23andMe. It's a huge disappointment.

  21. Overall, not impressed much. All the diseases they listed I never heard of – except Tay-Sach's, CF, Muscular Dystrophy.   Basically all it told me are things I already know about myself…  Not useful info for $200+  imho. And I'm a scientist by profession.

  22. KEN POWELL says:

    It does not work. Trust me I do not have curly red hair and nearly bald. And I am not asian and irish. What a scam. And I can not get them to contact me or contact them about a redo.

  23. Saad MAFiA says:

    23&me ? more like 46&two #Tool

  24. Tim Kelley says:

    The service no longer provides a Personal Genome Service that includes a health report addressing disease risks! What a huge disappointment. This was the whole reason my health care practitioner recommended this service. The information provided is merely for party tricks rather than useful data. Are you looking to see what diseases you might be predisposed towards? If so, 23 and Me will be of no help. Save your money until they resume offering these reports.

  25. how do I print my reports??????

  26. I don't trust the fda

  27. Does this testing give information about NAV1.7?

  28. Eagleloud says:

    loading for Ethnicity Information did not succeed

  29. Going to buy this at the end of next month hopefully , This question is to anyone who knows how well this company test for Sub-Saharan African? Ancestry said I had only North African 1% but GEMATCH said by my understanding that at least 0.13 Sub-Saharan is detected and My native was detected as well. 1% but on ancestry it only gives a range , should this detect also with 23andME?

  30. mickib729 says:

    What is the cost??

  31. submitted samples at end of December, we are now mid February 2016…how long does this take?

  32. jkbezo says:

    23andme is awesome!Learn a lot about our family through their service over the years. My mother enjoyed it, my kids did as well. And other family members, too.

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