I take the 23andMe DNA Ancestry Test to find out where I come From! Where are you from? COMMENT Below!
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I’m a satirical comedic vlogger who creates content that is a cross between “Intelligently funny” an “an organized hot mess.” I do pop culture reviews, challenges, storytimes, etc. such as “Why I’m Boycotting Beyonce”, “A Salty Response from Pluto”, “If Donald Trump Had Snapchat”, “Why JuJu on That Beat is Evil” AND MORE!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Iberian* and Burma* you ignoramus

  2. im literally 99% european different parts of europe but ya

  3. Beck ASMR says:

    Get ready for the whitest comment ever
    51% English/British
    29% Western European which breaks into:
    – northwest Russia 8%
    2% Scandinavian
    Iberian (Spanish/French) <1%
    Sub-Saharan African <1%
    Ashkenazi Jew <1%

  4. Anxíetea says:

    Now they can clone you ?

  5. I’m Norwegian and German an that’s pretty much all I know.

  6. J Girl says:

    I knew you looked Nigerian / west African, like super hardcore

  7. Never would use on of those services,too paranoid about strangers having my DNA.

  8. gigi g.,a says:

    i love macs face LMAO

  9. Im from korea but i know live in england and next year i am moving back to korea

  10. I'm German and Norwegian. I like to tell people that my great-grandfather was Odin.

  11. I like Tarzan 2 MORE than Tarzan actually ?, the only really good sequel. Also, I like you YOU'RE LOUD AND CONFUSED ???(like me)

  12. I just had a mini heart attack when u said Michael Jackson ??????????

  13. I want to but tbh I'm broke and scared

  14. British,french,german,irish,scottish,and dutch. Europe who?

  15. I was literally only European, Russian and Kazakh

  16. Why does everyone say Mac has tiny eyes that are really far away? And that he has a big head? He looks fine to me.

  17. For those of us with a 2℅ battery,please look

  18. i came from my moms pxssy

  19. Dexie D. says:

    He's 0.2% alien…great…

  20. Probably Irish?? Probably Scottish?? Probably Israeli??? We just don't know.

  21. Lol all I know is I’m Russian and white boom

  22. as a hammerhead shark, i am offended

  23. You are the biggest idiot

  24. I came from my mom.

  25. Aye he could be Filipino!! I'm philipino

  26. Luna Bee says:

    I'm half British and half Finnish

  27. I am 41.8 percent German and 32.4 percent Scottish and 2.5 percent Scandinavian and 7 percent (I think as far as I can remember) Polish, Danish or Norwegian and some Greek, Ukrainian, Bulgarian or Czech

  28. Sarah Gill says:

    I come from my mothers womb

  29. I just want to meet other people with the same asshole great great grandpa as me. He had 36 known children and is thought to have had multiple illegitimate children too.

  30. I'm Cambodian and random types of white. My father was adopted and randomly found in Cambodia so we just assume he's full Asian.

  31. I honesty do not know… All I do know is that I'm am somewhat Honduran (as in from Honduras)

  32. We are all at least 233rd cousins

  33. I just know I am white. Irish, in particular. Otherwise, I have no clue.

  34. I am 50% mexican 25% American and 25% American Indian

  35. I’m forbidden from taking these tests until I get into college because if my test comes back as less than 50% Native American, Lol there go my chances at a scholarship

  36. Bitch 2 weeks what?! My test took 6 weeks to come back!

  37. Johnny Cox says:

    Nigga, what does country buttermilk bread have to do with France? You hella white, tho.

  38. – looks at picture of mom and dad, continues to look at self- ok so I know Im white but where tf did my ugly ass mug come from

  39. i haven't done a test but i'd say i'm north european and white as fuck. the only other country i could derive from is like portugal because those were the white people in america long ago and a lot of swedes emigrated there and then i guess their kids went back here

  40. I got my DNA results awhile ago. Claimer I do not know my biological father's side since he left before i was born* So this was a shock for me.

    34% West Europe
    – Germany, Finland, Sweden, Russia
    18% British & Irish
    17..9% Native American/Central America (Mexico, South America, from my Hispanish side)
    10% Iberian – Spain
    9% Ashkenazi Jewish
    5% Itatly & Greece (from my Hispanish side)
    3.9 Middle Eastern
    1% Benin & Togo Africa
    1% Caucasus ( Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey)
    1% Africa South-Central (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Congo)

  41. pearlvin says:

    i’m from my mother vagina

  42. HA!!! The far eyes and big ass head, how Irish of you.

  43. Just add a shit load of white then just add a sprinkle of Native American and a dash of Iberian, bake that cake, and BABOW. It’s me.

  44. Sophie V says:

    Im 13 or something different ethnicities. Ummm. So I don’t have any desire to take a test and find out wut is goin on with that mess ?

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