Home DNA Ancestor23andMe Results: What I Was Expecting? (Kinda Shocking)
23andMe Results: What I Was Expecting? (Kinda Shocking)

23andMe Results: What I Was Expecting? (Kinda Shocking)

23andMe Results: What I Was Expecting?

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23andMe Results: What I Was Expecting?

“23AndMe” is a genetics test which gathers some biiiig data about your background.

“23andMe offers two Personal Genetic Services: Health + Ancestry and Ancestry. Both services require submitting a saliva sample using our saliva collection kit that you send to the lab for analysis.

Our Health + Ancestry Service provides insights on your genetic health risks*, carrier status*, traits, wellness and ancestry. We analyze, compile and distill the information extracted from your DNA into 75+ reports you can access online and share with family and friends. See full list of reports offered.

Our Ancestry Service helps you understand who you are, where your DNA comes from and your family story. We analyze, compile and distill your DNA information into reports on your Ancestry Composition, Haplogroups, Neanderthal Ancestry, Your DNA Family and provide a DNA Relatives tool to enable you to connect with relatives who share similar DNA.”
(Source: https://www.23andme.com/)

So, in this video I’ll share with you my DNA and genetics background… Don’t know why you might be interested in this, but… Here we go lol

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44 thoughts on “23andMe Results: What I Was Expecting? (Kinda Shocking)

  1. Did you see you are related to Thomas Jefferson?? You passed right over it and said it doesn't tell you anything. Well I think that is sort of cool! I am about to get my results but my dad already did his so I know I am related to Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett, Leo Tolstoy and Andrew Jackson. But seriously, I was waiting for the famous people you were related to.

  2. Privileged white man ? This kind of idiots ruin a country

  3. mindful says:

    Italian = Latino. So there you go!

  4. yeah that lighting at first was funny

  5. Sam Ludwig says:

    It's okay to be 55.5% white

  6. What is the other website you can enter your data in to learn more!?!?!

  7. What was your paternal haplogroup?

  8. "If you are that's kind of… I dunno that's kinda creepy that you wanna know this much about me" Lol

  9. I wonder if any of my ancestors own one of my dog's ancestors.

  10. Wow you really look Latinoamericano, that's why genetic test is so interesting . I've been thinking of doing this myself being born in a city on northern region of Mexico where most people look European ??‍♀️

  11. Anne Aprim says:

    I'm shocked you're 6' 3" with southern italian and middle east heritage! That's very rare!

  12. Bear Kuma says:

    I thought I was 100% scandinavian cause both my mom and dad are from Norway. which basically means I'm racistr. Turns out I'm 15% oppressed, cause I'm part native american. and also 0.4% sub Saharan African, so I deserve reparations now for the slavery my parents put me through. I'm suing them.

  13. hahaha mexican drug lord. the precision of that comment was perfect!

  14. V95 Aaaap says:

    hes actually not hispanic/latino at all..his "brown person" appearance is all mostly coming from his middle eastern side which makes up almost half of him …hes not really latino at all ….just middle eastern with some Italian

  15. Widow's peak rare in men. I'm in San Diego too!

  16. I always thought he was in part Native American from the US or Mexico, great video.

  17. J Baron says:

    The only guy you'll find that has the rare T-m70 paternal haplogroup

  18. He looks like 100% kebab.

  19. tifking73 says:

    100% sexy beast ❤️

  20. I have to explain, they ask what race you are as some races are pronto some disease and others are not.

  21. White + anything non white = A person of color lol common sense

  22. 8:38 Not all Europeans are white.

  23. I took the test and it turns out that I got 0% SJW in me — bless you mom & dad!

  24. my guess based on your look: european/native american mix

  25. Ah ha! This gave me enough information for me to build my own John Sonmez!

  26. 23&Me: "Why do we ask about your ethnicity?"
    John: "Because we're racists."
    Well I think that's the affiliation down the toilet lol

  27. s bright says:

    Half Caucasian half Turkish; you are discriminating against yourself. Stay woke and check your privilege

  28. Ed G says:

    you look 100% Mexican

  29. Merhaban Johnny-bey kardesim nasılsın.

  30. CobaltAGC says:

    16 people didn't know we came from africa

  31. You really don't understand how privilege works.


  33. Zaraki says:

    Nope, he's not latino at all….Most latinos have their southern european ancestry come from Iberian peninsula(Spain & portugal) and have no middle eastern/north african at all, but instead sub-saharan african and native indian ancestry.

  34. You have mentioned that 23me data could be used on another site. But haven't said on which one.

  35. john,why do you want us to stalk you? aren't you afraid?

  36. n0va says:

    I was amazed by how accurate this test was. Now I know you are not Latino. My mother is Hispanic and the test said I'm half Native American/Asian and traced the migration across Asia all the way to central America. My father is Russian and the test showed half Eastern European. When people see me they guess Latina, Italian, Filipino, Middle Eastern pretty much anything.

  37. John, put a new navigation item on your website, call it 'My Ass' – we are all curious 😀

    But seriously, that'll be cool!

    Ok, I mean, I don't like when people are limited by stuff like YT, so that's my idea. You can always host that one video on your website!

  38. 100% likely to subscribe to Simple Programmer. 99% likely to hit the like button. Cooler than 99% of the people who use YouTube. 20% Martian, 80% European!

    Seriously though, interesting video. Nice of you to share the results with us. You paid 200 bucks for it, so it's cool that you let us see them. It had a lot of funny parts in it too.

  39. panoC97 says:

    Balkan is not Sicily. The Balkan peninsula is where Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, etc are located. If you are Southern Italian then the Balkan part is most likely Greek.

  40. Rataldo says:

    17:20 I'm not a geneticist but I can say with 100% confidence that you're going to die (eventually) 😛

  41. Famoso vídeo para encher linguiça.

  42. SodaDK says:

    20:40 When you said "Pippi Longstocking" and thought you were going to call her by her name in the native language of Swedish "Pippi Landstrømpe" but changed your minded and went with Longstocking 😀

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