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My 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results… I’m 34% WHAT?! | VLOG

My 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results… I’m 34% WHAT?! | VLOG

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My Crazy 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results… I’m 34% WHAT?! | VLOG

In today’s special vlog, I do something I’ve been waiting to do for quite a while.. Finally I’ve taken the ancestry test and about 6 weeks later I’ve finally got my 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results! I’ve been told all my life that I am mixed with African American (obviously), Irish, West Indian and Cherokee Indian. Now, I finally have the opportunity to see if I can confirm what my parents and family have told me my heritage is all my life! The results are crazy! Not only do I find some surprises, but I’ve discovered that all along I’ve been traveling to the VERY places my heritage lies without even knowing!

I do want to take the time to say, its been obvious for my entire life that I am clearly African American. So anybody coming on this video and saying “Why is he so proud to be European….”, well I’m proud to be EVERYTHING I am. Why would I hide part of who I am and fully embrace the other? This test was meant for me to figure out exactly who I am and where I come from. To embrace every single part of me. Not only ONE. I am MIXED. So I’m not going to sit here and only accept that I am African American because that would mean I’m completely disregarding an entire side of my family. And that is something I will NOT do.

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47 thoughts on “My 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results… I’m 34% WHAT?! | VLOG

  1. IAMLXGEND says:

    ? ATTENTION: If you are black and you're going to come here and tell me I'm hating my own people, please leave. Do not bother. If you are white and you are going to tell me who or what YOU think I am, please leave. Do not bother. Me embracing every side of my heritage and NOT just ONE part DOES NOT mean I am hating myself or my ancestors. I am not "happy to be white" or "happy to be black". I am HAPPY TO BE ME. I do not "hate myself" or hate being black. It is not a surprise to me that I am partially European, nor am I shocked that I'm a majority black. I have known ALL OF MY LIFE that I am what the world considers an "african american". I am not blind. My skin is brown. Clearly I am a black man. I took this test with the SOLE INTENTION of getting to know WHAT OTHER RACES I am. Because I have freckles. I have naturally occurring red/orange hairs. My hair is not coarse. My grandmother has white skin. My grandfather has white skin. My ancestors came from Ireland. All of you who are going to come to my video and tell me to IGNORE that for the sake of embracing my blackness can take a nasty wet fart into your wide open mouth. I am not here to embrace 64% of me. I am not here to ignore 1/3 of who I am. I am not here to ignore an entire half of my family. Had I not had European ancestor, I wouldn't even be in existence. So to deny them would be to deny myself. YOU are more than welcome to hate YOURSELF and YOUR family. I however, will not. I'm black and I'm proud. I'm white and I'm proud. I'm happy to be BOTH. I'm happy to be MIXED. Now if you have something nice to say, please say it. Otherwise, eat a brick.

  2. greetings from poland brother!

  3. Siblings sometimes get different Ancestry percentages from countries. I think it is from the day of conception and how the genes bounce.

  4. Native Americans came through the Asian Land Bridge long ago from Asia.

  5. We have almost the same DNA. I have 63% west Africa and 34.4% European.

  6. None of us are 100% of any one race.

  7. G Larila says:

    African American look so triggered about being mixed in the comment be proud of what you are

  8. Lyricus X says:

    You are Jewish that is awesome.

  9. Ryt5014 says:

    U look like the dude that played madea

  10. Kang Tut says:

    You have lighter skin it’s obvious your a half breed mongrel

  11. The clips you put lol. It sounds like we are related lol

  12. I think we are originally east Asians. Mu is where I think people originated

  13. I think the main reason people are calling you just black is because as stated, most African Americans have around 20% European DNA due to slavery. However, the fact that you have white grandparents (from what I presume were consensual relationships) makes it understandable you are more connected to that side of your heritage, as compared with another African American who has white DNA from centuries worth of black people intermixing. People also look at you & assume you are full black because I guess you have perhaps a stereotypical African American phenotype (which looks mixed when compared to 100% West African people) that has become prevalent amongst mixed race African Americans.The whole concept of being mixed race is really ambiguous – how much "mixture" is enough to be considered mixed race? Anyway, enjoyed your video – keep doing you.

  14. Cameron and the Congo are not West Africa. It is Central African. For West Africa look at West African countries.

  15. I know this had to be exciting in a informative way. I'm waiting on my results now.

  16. Be You- I Be Me– that's all anyone can be

  17. What song is that in the beginning

  18. coquiangel says:

    Sir God video and beautiful family Continue being your happy self.

  19. Carerraluu says:

    Negro you BLACK, when a cop pull your BLACKASS over tell them you're mixed. I bet they wont give a shit.

  20. He is just a brother i mean a polish brother haha LOL ?

  21. First of ALL, almost every African American has some type of European DNA in them due to slavery.

    Second of all, both of your parents most likely identifies as black. So why don’t you?

    Third of all, why do you identify as mixed when your African DNA obviously dominates your physical appearance & genetic makeup, self hate possibly?

    Fourth of all, this video is corny asf.

    Fifth of all, I’m biracial and I’m offended.

    Sixth of all… I’m done.

  22. ?We R All the Rainbow ? people ?the more mix u R the better ????

  23. All of black pride n White pride Eate your Heart ❤️ out?????????

  24. Yes there R Fake Blacks And Fake Whites n fake Asia people but never a Fake Latino cause past heavy mixed ??? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. You have a beautiful family. Embrace all your roots and ignore the haters. I’m interested in doing one of these myself. I don’t think there will be many surprising things as I think I will get some Middle East/West Asia and mostly Caucus Region because I am of Armenian heritage. Caucus as in Caucusian as in the real definition of it, not the american definition of meaning European/White.

  26. The Africans did not MIGRATE to the Americas. They were TAKEN there by force!

  27. I just uploaded my 23 and Me results video and was interested in seeing what results other people got. So cool!!

  28. JuriAmari says:

    I came from your brother’s video and this is so fascinating. 🙂 It’s possible you may have inherited more Irish, Jewish, or Scandinavian genes since 23&Me couldn’t pin down a good percentage of your European genes. It also explains why your brother’s percentages in certain regions are so low. There’s also a possibility that the East Asian genes could be Native American since they share similar haplogroups.

    I took my test on Christmas and will get the test results between next week and Valentine’s Day. I’m making a video and planning on sending the raw data to DNA Land and GEDMatch to find my ethnic groups after I get my results. 🙂

  29. The reason one brother can have more Scandinavian than the other, is because when an embryo "selects" DNA from each parent, each embryo selects different amounts of the DNA. Some people will have a group in their DNA that doesnt show up on a sibling's results because that person didnt select those genes for whatever reason. The ancestry is there in the family; it's just a matter of what you happen to grab during your formation. That's why blood relatives can look drastically different from each other sometimes. I have an aunt who's short with a dark tan, freckles, red hair and black-red (awesome looking) eyes. But another close relative of hers who's tall and stout with blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and classic European features – like those blonde mountain peoples of Europe. Same genes dispensed differently. They would test with the same groups, but I'd theorize that their amounts of each ethnicity would be different even if similar.

  30. You're not mixed lol you're majority black you have admixtures but what black doesn't have some form of admixture lol…

  31. Sabina P says:

    Hold on a sec… You are not really Polish (sorry about that). Ashkenazi Jews are not ethnic Poles. Ashkenazi Jews were a minority that settled in some parts of Europe (that includes Poland) centuries ago. They have a different DNA than the ethnic Poles do. Ethnic Poles are Slavic and their DNA is labeled as “Eastern European” in 23andMe testing, which you appear to have none of. Furthermore, the vast majority of people in Poland you see today are ethnic Poles, as most Ashkenazi Jews were exterminated by the Nazi during WWII, with the remaining ones being driven out of Poland after the war by the anti-semitic, communist Polish government. With that said, you still have a beautiful mixture in you that makes you really amazing.

  32. I also did a review video! What an amazing experience! https://youtu.be/BYmod9PmNhQ

  33. X says:

    These comments are so ignorant. Let the man identify how he wants

  34. Most Native Americans died from small pox roughly 80%.Not through any kind of masacure

  35. Bronze says:

    No, you are 100% black but 63% negro. There is a huge difference between ethnicity and race. Im a mixed black man myself, not as much as you, I have more north African in me. My children are 35% Negro. But I classify them as black. Its really an association. For instance, did you try dressing like a white person and see how people treat you?

  36. Virtus says:

    You definitely do not look pure African

  37. Great video . Loved the editing . My family is very mixed as well on all sides . My son was excited to do his dna as a teacher had told him he can not call himself mixed but call himself only black.Check out my videos ..their not as good as your though !!! 🙂

  38. Slideway86 says:

    So basically dude trying to find ways to prove how black he isn’t ??. Thank you though, I saved $100 watching this and got a good laugh.

  39. You make the DNA test so much more entertaining ima sub??

  40. This nigga really Chinese ????THATS dope tho

  41. Juan Pablo says:

    If you and your brother are the same parents you don't need to do twice..!!

  42. Arlene D says:

    African American and their geography of Africa is shocking no wonder you simply want to be refered as American.
    West Africa is countries such as Togo, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria. Central africa includes countries such as Congo, Cameron, Gabon. You seem soo happy to found out that you are not 100% black.

  43. Dude: I'm not 100% black


  44. Every Black person born in the USA is mixed. And yes the desire to return to your native lands seems often to be innate.

  45. Loved your video! I can totally relate to travelling to places that are in your DNA before seeing your results. I always feel a strong connection to Ireland, Scotland, parts of Northern England, Denmark and Sweden whenever I visit. I never knew I had any genetic connection to these places, apart from Scotland. The next place I want to visit is Russia. I have always been fascinated with all things Russian since I was a kid. Even taught myself to speak the language. Turns out my roots are also connected to Russia and I'm also part Ashkenazi Jew. DNA doesn't lie. Thanks for sharing your video.

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