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  1. i dont understand did you think you were from africa like tf?

  2. I'm not even surprised that Americans don't know what Balkan is

  3. Everyone has wet earwax that is darker coloured unless you are of East Asian ancestry, then you will have dry earwax that is more flaky and light yellow

  4. i’M eUrOpEaN¡ I stg this boy gives me headaches

  5. Don't buy "23 and me" because it's Google's way of keeping your D.N.A and knowing more about you and your health and what's worst is that australian doctors have already started experimenting on age reversal process and maybe in the future they can reverse your age but it needs to have your young D.N.A right? Like a saliva maybe? Well guess what, when your youngself gave your saliva D.N.A to "23 and me" maybe in the future they would ask you "hey do you want to have your young saliva back for the age reversal process? Well it only cost for about 10,000$" So don't just give your D.N.A to some company like "23 and me" because it may also be a way for the government to know things about you genetically, They might know how to track you down and even worse is that they could even control your mind!!!!!!

  6. Armo Moose says:

    It amazes me how little Americans know about history and geography.

  7. I'm sorry but in this video you make yourself look so uneducated about geography, or don't they learn about the colonization of America in the USA?

  8. Miss shah says:

    White ppl are descendents of Europeans…….. everyone knows that

  9. Tiny Teal says:

    he's shocked his 99.5% european? its pretty obvious he's white

  10. I love how he was surprised about being European… you’re white obviously you’re European

  11. Wolfie_aph says:

    Aye I'm British too! ??

  12. Brain Cube says:

    Wait…it was surprising for you, that you're european???? Do even know anything about history? America was a colony, Joey….almost all Americans are europeans…


  14. He was so surprised when he found out he was European ????

  15. Kaila Ann says:

    Who's here from Shane's latest conspiracy video??

  16. When you're from Serbia…

    Honestly, not hating but ever seen a map of Europe? Don't you study that in school? We study regions of USA. Also, Balkan is one of the bigger peninsulas of Europe and Iberian is quite famous.

  17. Do you have cancer and u r hiding it ?!

  18. ‘ IM EUROPEAN OH MY GOD’ ur white how can you not be European hjkfbnjd

  19. Omega says:

    Why is he 1.4% Balkanac ?

  20. LVL MUSIC says:

    who came after Shane's video

  21. moon child says:

    Ahhh Americans xD

  22. lol why is he excited that he is european like didn't he know that before

  23. Kylie F says:

    Joey, you are literally white that’s why it says you are European. Oh my god the people we live with.

  24. Joey: I'm European!

    Demi: And I'm 1% African!

  25. Why was he surprised about being European if he’s white?

  26. …. pretty much every Caucasian person is from European….


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