Hey everyone!

I got a 23andme kit for my birthday and was actually pretty nervous to find out the results.
I was surprised with some information while other things matched my expectations pretty well.

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1. I’m fly – Gunnar Olsen

2. Bensound jazzyfrenchy


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  1. Hi! I'm interested in this test, and I'm also Eastern European. Is there no further breakdown past the super broad category of "Eastern Europe"?

  2. Your mouth goes to left side of your face when u speak ???

  3. Proud Slav says:

    did you take your test in USA or something? Because I remember reading that 23andme doesn't send a Health report to countries outside of USA, Canada, UK and Ireland or something of the sort. If this is true, I'd be a shame!

  4. TURKEY is NOT Balkan buddy

  5. Он же сам говорил что у его предков была фабрика. Так почему же он так удивляется дворянским корням и родственным связям с Западной Европой?

  6. he looks like African and Somalian!!!!

  7. Dino Pasic says:

    I wanted to say that Balkans are not Turkish, they have similarities but definitely not same genes. Usually Russian have Balkan genes, and we have similar language too.

  8. No Cunt says:

    I am pretty sure I have boring DNA

  9. RM Smith says:

    I loved what you said about ancestry at the beginning of the video. I agree completely! Great video.

  10. His mouth moves like Stallone’s

  11. Kamelhaj says:

    Hey dude, my results WERE boring – 97% Eastern European.

  12. why is your mouth crooked

  13. Sky Games says:

    European Turkey? WTH? Balkan people are mostly slavic people… same as Russians.

  14. gabi Love says:

    Balkan isnt turkey its croatia,serbia,bosnia,slovenia,kosovo…

  15. You are the highest person I've ever seen with Eastern European besides myself…I'm Russian too but my percentage was just lightly higher. Where in Russia are you from? I was born in Novosibirsk.

  16. tobin2517 says:

    You know what I like about your video. You acknowledge that you are Russian because you were born and raised in Russia. So this is what makes you who you are most of all. You seem to acknowledge that you are talking about being a descendant. You say my ancestors. I like this way of looking at it. It bothers me when people say I am Spanish or whatever when they have spent their whole life living in some other country and weren't even aware of having Spanish ancestors. Now suddenly they are Spanish. I think this is so inaccurate. If they were born in America and raised there they are American of Spanish decent. Anyhow, good video and I agree…. in the end we are all human no matter where a relative came from hundreds of years ago.

  17. 3nutria says:

    Vikings were spreading their genes all around Europe, they were coming to Eastern Europe many times.This is why having Scandinavian genes by Eastern European is not that uncommon. Finland was part of Russia for some time + it is Russian neighbour, many finnic tribes still lives under Russian rule, so many Russian have a bit of Finnish genes.

  18. Da Bome says:

    You look more British than Russian! I didn't watched the video still.

  19. V says:

    Good thing you're 100% Artem Kolosov lol

  20. ну ничего,всего десятая процента еврейская,может они ошиблись

  21. міron m says:

    Посмотрел я сука тоже шоке

  22. M Orlova says:

    А я с наслаждением слушала английскую (скорее американскую) речь. Интересно , вы давно живёте в англоязычной среде или возможно получить такой результат просто общаясь в среде не с детства.

  23. мдаааа хорош то в английском

  24. "Balkan means European turkey"
    boi, you need some history lessons, south Slavs made a fundament for Russian culture, pay some respect

  25. Судя по всему, какой-то француз оставил свой след во время наполеоновского нашествия на Россию.

  26. I won´t take the test, I suspect that t I´m partially Nig, don´t look like Nig except in the area below my navel, between my legs, my Nigginess got expressed only there. — I always turn light off when I´am alone with my girlfriend, I tell her that I am shy. She likes the touch and caliber of the Niggy thing, but she may get too much surprised if she could see the color. In darkness we all are darkies.

  27. Твоя прабабушка необязательно должна была выходить замуж ща иностранца, её могли изнасиловать.

  28. Твои предки бокороты….или комбала……привет кривой…

  29. чуваш или мордвин.

  30. Anon Anon says:

    And a not of chinese/inuit

  31. Anon Anon says:

    Guess..before his results..central Asia, Uzbek etc

  32. Whats your paternal haplogroup ?

  33. Where I can make this test? I live in Russia.

  34. I am Russian, I live in Russia.Where can I name this test ? write please.

  35. С немцем все просто! Скорее всего, это кто то из немецких колоний на юге России или Украины.

  36. I took this test ant the results were kinda what I expected. I took Ancestry DNA before 23&Me so I got an overview of what I have but with 23&Me the info was more specific. My results being hale East Asian (my mom's side is Filipino) and a quarter White. 10% of my DNA is Native American from New Mexico so my paternal grandma (abuela) isn't as Mexican as she thought sinces she's more European. My European is mostly Spanish (not surprising given the strong Spanish influence in Mexico and Philippines) Irish (apparently I share a paternal line linked to Irish royalty – Niall of the Nine Hostages) British (my surname is very British) and German (it's believed my paternal great grandma was German and Russian but interestingly enough I only have 1% Eastern European in me. And it could be Russian, Polish, or Ukrainian but still not as much of a big percentage as my Native American or European.)

  37. no matter says:

    Парень после инсульта? Говорит все время правой стороной рта, а слева глаз открыт.

  38. studio738 says:

    Если ты отрастишь длинные волосы, то будет идеальная картинка викинга. Особенно взгляд))) В этом есть какая-то внутренняя сила. Думаю это от суровых скандинав наследство

  39. G G says:

    Что с половиной лица? Почему парализована?

  40. Очень симпатичный) мне кажется женщин такого типа я видела на картинах русских художников. И кстати в до революции в России было много слуг изФранции и Швейцарии. До сих пор человека открывающего дверь называют швейцар. Так что ты мог быть как из знати, так и из обслуги для знати.

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