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28 thoughts on “Learning About Our Family through 23andMe

  1. Chris says:

    Geo is 70 percent white? and born in Mexico. Thats rear.

  2. Takia is a cute baby.

    Also your dogs are cute too.

    Bart &Geo

  3. I want to learn the pros and cons and same between 23&Me and the other companies because I thought of doing it but even if I eventually try more then one I want to know which one I would pick knowing all the the pros and cons and same no matter which. Like one company in the advertisements day it will link you to records of ancients linked to you biologically. Then you guys shown 23&Me shows how your gens effect things like the stuff most likely to part.

  4. Honestly, I want to do this. My husband is from Hawaii, so he’s super mixed and we just had a baby. But the kit cost almost $200 and I just don’t have that kind of money

  5. Your baby is so cute; I'm a father myself, so I dont speak from an idiotic perspective; though I am rather specticle because I want to know that my samples are provided to a reputable source, thougn I am not confident, from manh vids I've seen, can I bank full investment jnto these tests!?!

  6. Black Americans would say I can see Black in Mum and baby. LMAO

  7. Angb Rwill says:

    I love how you two balance each other. Great video. Beautiful family.

  8. Sarah Rose says:

    My sister did that and it was cool finding out what percentage we were for the different things we are. I love things like 23AndMe. You learn so much about you and your family that you didn't know before.

  9. M Vang says:

    Lucky you guys….we're still stuck in extraction since Nov. 23andme sucks!

  10. When Bart called Taika their FINISHED PRODUCT !!! ? that was cute

  11. Yes Bart you have Peruvian heritage I’m Peruvian too

  12. No wonder you're African. Where do you think you've got that booty from?!

  13. Dutch Eve says:

    I wanted to try this but I'm not gonna pay that for it.

  14. 23 and me messed up on my families it said my parents are from Africa but both sets of grandparents are not and that I have more British in me then both my parents combined. I’m taking it with a grain of salt and just go through Census in ancestry.

  15. kiwibrown says:

    why is Bart such a conceited cunt

  16. yes it is nice to know about your ancestry but they are also cataloguing dna and putting it in a database that is probably completely available to many agencies.

  17. My David says:

    I have 24 chromosomes

  18. Your Great-Grandma must have been like part Chinese or something because if Bart had a full Peruvian in his family it would have been a Great-Great-Great-Gandparent. Anyway, that was so cool! I really want to do a dna test too.

  19. cool your baby look like he did a high five.. or maybe look like it hes reaction.

  20. key arca says:

    I lovee these 23&ME vids. it's so interesting learning about all these things you'd probably never think of and how they're connected to you're genes.

    congrats on the sponsor !! hopefully I can do this one day when I'm 18 ? I look forward to taika's aswell :))

  21. AJ12Gamer says:

    So 23 and me review the video and then Nadeem had to edit out that taika tooked the test because of legal issues. ?

  22. NRosanes says:

    One of my friend has 22 Chromosome but thats not problem ??‍♂️

  23. Luna Loves says:

    Because there is a lot of confusion in the comments, this might help to clear things up. Yes, the majority of Geo's ancestry is European, which likely mostly comes from Spain. Geo saying "she's not white" is a common Spanish thing. For some reason, Spanish people don't like being seen as "white," but prefer Spaniard or other terms. Why this is, I'm not sure. It happens with myself, my family, friends, co-workers, etc. So yes, Geo obviously knows that she has a European past, but that doesn't mean she wants the title "white." White is a race, and a construct of society, not an ethnic background and does not mean "European."

    An example can be seen with Canadians. Technically, they are apart of America (not the United States), and yet, they will get offended if you call then Americans. They prefer Canadian.

  24. Justin OK says:

    Oops, page not found!

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