Home DNA AncestorWhere Am I REALLY From?! | 23andMe DNA Results + Ancestry DNA Comparison | Aysha Harun
Where Am I REALLY From?! | 23andMe DNA Results + Ancestry DNA Comparison | Aysha Harun

Where Am I REALLY From?! | 23andMe DNA Results + Ancestry DNA Comparison | Aysha Harun

HEY FAM! Here we go again…another DNA test! A lot of you recommended I try 23andMe after my interesting Ancestry DNA results so here it is! Don’t forget to LIKE THIS VIDEO and SUBSCRIBE for more! xo

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Where do you live? – Toronto, Canada
What did you study in uni? – Business Admin/Marketing
Ethnicity? – Ethiopian/Harari
Age? – 22

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35 thoughts on “Where Am I REALLY From?! | 23andMe DNA Results + Ancestry DNA Comparison | Aysha Harun

  1. Maasha Allah I love the way you do your make up and the way you scarf and your lipstick match.

  2. differently hummus wrap tribe!!!!

  3. R yusuf says:

    You not somali ? I thought you are somali

  4. Funny how you said people always confuse you with somalian at thats it, when i know that the first thing i thought was african american, if you didnt actually say you were ethiopian i wouldnt have ever guest that, unless you have a strong accent…which states its so oppressive to be black you wouldnt dare identify with it…STUPID SILLY AND SAD

  5. MxTooReal says:

    Ethiopians are a mixed group they horners??????? thats not a homogenous group of people. Ure mixed. Ive red reviews ancestry dna is more accurate. And have a bigger data base

  6. you should read what Herodotus wrote about what the faces of Egyptians looked like.

  7. How can a black not know what sub Saharan African is…..

  8. Wherever you were born is where you from…this idea that our identity is found in our genomes is totally false. All these tests are telling you that you happen to share certain marks in your chromosomes with your distant cousins, it does not tell you who you are

  9. Ayee you are truly an African Queen! ??


  11. The original Arabs (Middle Eastern) were so called black just as Ham and Shem. So basically you are just different types of dark people. You don't look to different. I don't really believe in ancestry dna too much since things depend but if you believe then fine. Salaam.

  12. A. Idris says:

    Im exactly like yours: 52% Middle East, 35% Southeastern Bantu, 12% North African.

    North Africa is also Middle East because Arabs and Jews live or lived there. East Africans are Mixed with Hebrews or Jews that lived in Yemen and Morocco or all over the Middle East.

    I remember my grandmother (May God show Mercy on Her), used to say Yahu when she heard a bad news. Yahu is the name of God in the Hebrew language. Also, my family makes a pancake called, "Malawah", which is a breakfast dish of the Yemeni Jews.

    Sorry to disappoint you Ayisha, you are 63% Hebrew/Israelite. Ethiopia is just a territory that some of your ancestors used to live. But another part of your ancestors are Hebrews which makes you 64% Middle Eastern. King Solomon was a brown skinned man who married Queen Saba/Sheba.

  13. wow says:

    Love the video btw fyi you can click on “sell all tested populations” on your ancestory composition. It shows the countries of ethnicity that you have in your dna now. 23&me updated

  14. Nadia Jama says:

    This was a nice video and I like how you listened to comments and did another test when people said ancestry DNA is not accurate for East Africans (true) but where did people get this idea that 23andme is accurate in reflecting the ANCESTRY of East Africans? It's not. I've seen so many East Africans and Somalis saying we are pure blooded and using 23andme as their "evidence" don't let this test fool you into thinking it reflects the genetic ancestral composition of East Africans because it doesn't. It projects very recent admixture, like 300 years max.

  15. Love these kind of dna/ancestry videos! Would love to do one test like this myself

  16. i don't see why they should know your name.

  17. I have always been super interested in genetics and really want to do this but I don't know if it would be a waste of money for me since as far as I know my family are all from the same part of the UK.

  18. You have a perfect look !

  19. East africa has a large geographical spread. There are about ten countries that make up east africa, not just Ethiopia or the horn. Also, what's your maternal haplogroup?

  20. It has already been proven in peer reviewed studies done on the Horn African genome that Horners descend from ancient African and ancient Middle Eastern ancestors. These Middle easterners were Neolithic farmers from the fertile crescent (Syria,Iraq). This admixture occurred approximately 3k years ago. genetic studies done Ethiopian crops and animals also prove an ancient migration from the Middle East. The second most frequently occuring Y-DNA in Somalis, Haplogroup T has a Middle eastern origin, Somali mtDNA hapllogroups N1a and M1 aslo have their origins in the Middle east, so does the J haplogroup found among Northern Ethiopians. So Horners denying admixture with Middle easterners are deluded and in serious denial. Equally deluded are the people who think this admixture comes from Arabs when its clearly ancient and preceded the existence of the Arab Ethno-linguistic group.
    Ancestry and 23andMe just interpret the same genes differently. Ancestry takes the reductionist route and breaks your genome down to its component parts, that's why it gives Horners both East African and Middle east. Whereas 23andMe just combines it and labels it East African. Heres an analogy with food lol. Say you have a dish of lasagne, if you were to say that it is 100% lasagne, you'd be right (23andMe). If you were to be a reductionist about it and break it down to its component parts you could say it is 70% pasta sheets , 20% cheese and 10% tomato sauce and you'd still be right (Ancestry), that's the difference between them.

  21. Sub is a prefix meaning below. Sub-Saharan African would be a broad term meaning any country below the Sahara. Submarine=below the sea… 🙂 <3

  22. mai salih says:

    Sub Saharan African means amizath and Berber.

  23. El Matador says:

    Hello Aysha, I’m a very knowledgeable person in the field of DNA and let me give you a bit of advice. The first test you took broke down the East African component into the components that make up what you are genetically. The second test from 23andme is categorizing you as East African because it’s not breaking apart the East African component and its treating it as a sole component. But truth is, the first test sounded like it was more correct in finding out what you are exactly. Let me explain…East Africans are a mixed race people. Thousands of years ago, a mixture event took place between West Eurasians from the Middle East and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africans (black Africans) and most East Africans today are varying mixes between Middle Eastern, North African and Sub-Saharan African. Various DNA studies on the subject have been done demonstrating this. Here is a page you can read with various pieces of material from various DNA studies on East Africans and their mixed origins: http://anthromadness.blogspot.com/2015/07/horn-africans-mixture-between-east.html

    As you can see here on this DNA PCAs plot, Ethiopians plot at the halfway between Europeans/Middle Easterners and West Africans: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/files/2011/01/MDS_DOD307.png

    So the first DNA test was correct in what you are literally/genetically/racially….and the 23andme was correct that you are East African. It’s just the first DNA test broke that East African down further into what components combined make up an East African. So I’d say you are East African…but what is an East African? A mixture of Middle Eastern, black African and North African, just what the first test told you you are. The first test is giving you your personalized percentages of each component you are.

  24. masha'Allah this color suits you so well, it's one of my fav colors, tho i have no idea what it is called lol

  25. Yes!!! I’m so glad you took the 23 and me dna test! A lot of East Africans took the ancestry dna test and people(non-east African) were running with it saying dumb stuff like “I knew they were mixed” lol

  26. Hey Aysha! Great video! I was wondering if you've ever heard of the @Wikitongues project? They're trying to document all the world's languages so maybe you could help them out and share your language at the same time!

  27. Shame on you, do you need the money or are you a freemasonary? You sell the people for money`? This shows how stupid muslims are todays.
    May Allah guide you.

  28. Satanic DNA tests, freemasonary control sytems. Plaese brothers and sisters do not give your DNA to a company or another. This is satanic.

  29. Paul Dub says:

    Isnt north african from the berber people?

  30. Eva Usoro says:

    You also look like a west African Fulani. I'm one

  31. 23andme has recently announced that it has expanded ancestry composition with 120 more regions ethiopia being one of them, so I think this explains why some ethiopians that were getting around 50% middle eastern on ancestry.com are getting around 90% east african sometimes even specifically ethiopian on 23andme. Here's the link https://blog.23andme.com/ancestry/23andme-updates-ancestry-composition/

  32. Kamal Adam says:

    is there a such a thing called Ethiopean? is there specific people with the same DNA that can be compared to each other are called Ethiopian? hmmm why not Jabutian, Eritarian or Somalian? so are you saying your DNA is closer to Amhara and Tigrey than Issa tribes who live in Diredawa and Jabuti and northern Somali ? well, there are no people in the world who share DNA, language, culture or religion that are called Ethiopian! so, when 23&me says you are 91% Ethiopian what they are saying is your DNA is very close to other Harari people who are clonized by the filthy Tigrey 🙂

  33. Kamal Adam says:

    Aysha let me tell you some facts sister Harari people are not small tribe but in fact some of the largest Somali tribes are decidents of Harari people, my 11th grandfather is barried in Harar and almost all of the Somalis called Jileec who are the main tribes basically 85% of all SOmalis trace their roots back to northern Somalia and around Harar. So, you are not small tribe but you were the head of what use to be Awdal kingdom but since Harar were taken by the Amhara they isolated it and erased its history and significance in the Somali people, so what you are missing is not people but you are missing your history..

  34. you are easy on the eyes. Loved hearing about your story

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