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23andME DNA Test Results

23andME DNA Test Results

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23andME DNA Test Results!
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50 thoughts on “23andME DNA Test Results

  1. you look genuinely happy in this video! I’m happy for you!

  2. Cool results!
    Just wanted to let you know (unless someone else already said it) the British & Irish and French & German are put together, but that doesn’t mean you’re both. So like it says British & Irish just because they haven’t been able to test them separately yet

  3. Northwestern European is France and Germany and The Netherlands NOT Finland, Sweden, etc.

  4. ive been wanting to try this now im going to do it!

  5. lola says:

    ahh these tests are so cool!!

  6. Boncuk TV says:

    Hello my friend. Your channel is very beautiful. I'm subscribed, I like it and I'm ringing it. Do you ring the bell 🙂

  7. Yash Dalvi says:

    Big Likeeee ??????
    Keep it up ? always – #Yashdalvi

  8. fi stla says:

    You are not "latina" lol. Spain is in Europe and has nothing to do with "latin"
    Latin is Central america, south america and some Caribbean

  9. Nice share! Looks so fun!^^ ~ Greetings and hugs, Charlie =)

  10. Not to be a buzz kill or anything for you, but being 6.8% Iberian (Spain & Portugal) does not make you Latina. That means you could be either Spanish (Hispanic) or Portuguese. Latina refers to people who are from Latin America and/or who have family from Latin America. Spain colonized Latin America, but spanish people are not latino.

  11. This is a neat video idea!!! I love it!!!

  12. Jada Jones says:

    These vids are so interesting ❤️

  13. I've heard 23 and me almost everywhere! Love this ❤️❤️ I just sub! Hope we can stay in touch and support each other ✨ can't wait to see your channel grow ?

  14. CoreyNitro says:

    They group "British & Irish" together. My grandmother was Irish and I got about 15%. Rest Italian some french and german too. Btw great eyebrows!

  15. That's interesting. For me, I'm Mexican, I would think half of my family were originated in Spain

  16. Bryan wolf says:

    You are not Latina Spaniards are white European Caucasians they are European not Hispanic or Latino. Plus it is said that Irish people come from Spaniards or northern Spain because they are celts and northern Spaniards are celts. This is where celts originate??

  17. Jillian92 says:

    Iberian doesn't equal "latina", Spain and Portugal are two other European countries, not latinos…

  18. Maci says:

    Great job on the video keep up the amazing work

  19. 2:33 "I'm obviously 100% myself"
    REALLY?!?!?! ?
    IM ONLY 18% MYSELF, no fair, No Fair, NO FAIR ?
    Why do you get to be yourselffffffffff, I'm so jealous


  20. It was obvious you were british.Brown haired blue eyed.

  21. i love ur videos omg. new subbie here.

  22. отличное видео )лайк 44….заходите ,я вас жду )

  23. Ooo this is so interesting, I've always wanted to do one of these DNA tests!! Just subscribed, hope we can support each other's channels x

  24. Jess Lara says:

    Nice vid, I'm doing one of these tests soon. But note that having a percentage from 'Iberian Peninsula' doesn't make you 'latina' (that's Latin American), and the Iberian Peninsula includes Portugal as well as Spain.

  25. MsClarinut says:

    When it says 39% British and Irish, that could be all Irish. You may not have any British ancestry. Same thing with the French and German. It just means the groups are so genetically similar that they can't really say which it is.

  26. BamIstLyf says:

    Love this omgg!!? Subscribed xx

  27. I like your video your Awesome

  28. Klaudia W says:

    Always wanted to do one !! great video and channel 🙂

  29. What do u mean by "latina"? Yes spain and portugal were occuped by romans and greeks and their language comes from latin, but AMERICANS always mix americans terms like latina from latin american and that's has nothing to do with this

  30. This is great video.keep it up .done view ,liké 36and subs.i hope you can subs back.thank

  31. Ta ha says:

    3:30 Don´t freak out about that British&Irish thing, it´s just a dna category which they can´t differentiate, the same is with French&German, it doesn´t necessarily mean you have to come from both sides. The whole interpretation of these tests is just racist, because people conceive oneselve to be African, German xyz, solely because of a tiny percentage a couple centuries ago.

  32. Ta ha says:

    That 0.1% South Asian is Gypsie

  33. I want to take one of these tests so badly!!

  34. Camarah says:

    This is so cool! Great video!

  35. I would love to try this!! This was so interesting! Amazing video girl! Loved this so much! ? I just uploaded a new video too! Mind checking it out and letting me know what you think?☺️??

  36. Thanks for share! I recommend trying 24Genetics, it is the most complete one in ancestry that I have seen until date with more than 400 world regions and you can do it from 23andme raw data (https://24genetics.co.uk/)

  37. Faithy says:

    this looks so fun!! I love the video ?

  38. How did you make ur intro x

  39. love these DNA results videos!!!

  40. this video is super cool omg

  41. Chloe Pin says:

    this is so interesting i really want to try this! Love your channel and let me know if you would ever be interested in working together I make similar videos and love your vibes!

  42. Wow so cool! I also sent in my test and hopefully I get it back soon. Just curious.. when did the lab receive you test, and when did you get your results. The lab received mine on the 16th of may.

  43. FYI when it says something like “British and Irish” that means it could be anywhere from all British to all Irish or any mixture in between. Basically, the British and Irish is genetically so similar that it can’t tell the difference. Same thing for “French and German” etc.

  44. Dope video!! Let’s support eachother ??

  45. Chrysoula says:

    Wow that's so amazing I was so incredibly excited while watching thiss

  46. Brad Eddy says:

    pretty much the same as what I got. Pretty cool.

  47. AGAPI says:

    omg this was exiting!

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