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I’M FROM WHERE?!   /  /   ANCESTRY DNA VS. 23 and ME


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Hope you enjoyed the video! Sorry the exposure was so INTENSE, the lighting was terrible outside and my settings were off.

I was really nervous going into this! Didn’t exactly know what to expect. I definitely got a few surprises, both good and bad in my mind haha. It feels enlightening to know some of the things that I do now. I really want to go visit all of my “home” countries now! 😀 I probably spent a little more than I ever should have doing a comparison test between 23 and me and ancestry DNA. I think if I had to pick one or the other, I would do ancestry since I didn’t necessarily learn much from the genetics component. Let me know in the comments if you’ve done the test and what you found out/ if you haven’t then what do you think you are?

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31 thoughts on “I’M FROM WHERE?! / / ANCESTRY DNA VS. 23 and ME

  1. On behalf of all Europeans i think we all agree what a horrible little treacherous young woman she is.

  2. I think your mostly German

  3. you and i might just be related

  4. Jean Dupla says:

    Wow.. what a sad reaction.. stopped watching the video.

  5. Altaïr Ya says:

    Your north African didn't come from slavery ,don't mistake yourself, it comes through Italy or Spain

  6. Angie says:

    Having blonde hair and blue eyes is exotic in a world where the vast majority of ethnicities are comprised of people with dark hair and dark eyes. Go to Japan: you'll be exotic. Go to Ecuador: you'll be exotic, go to Nigeria: you'll be exotic. So on, so forth.

    It is sad not to appreciate your ancestors and their cultures, which are rich and varied.

  7. Nire B says:

    “95% European ,Im not happy with that” seriously that’s incredibly racist.

  8. "HI everybody, Im 100% european and I hate it, how cool is that?"

  9. "What?! Im not even a little African? Shit…"

  10. You still are a beautiful woman,I'm interested if you are,if you want to see my picture,check me out in facebook

  11. Ju says:

    Go to any other continent and you'll be exotic. People will want pictures because you are blond and have blue eyes.
    Accept you as you are, hating yourself is stupid. Your DNA helps you know your history and your ancestors story, most of the time the ancient mixings weren't from consented relations.
    "I want to be African" "I want to be Asian" "I want to have a brother"
    Like wtf

  12. I did too but then I realized I was Italian and less than 1% middle Eastern and I was like I'll take that

  13. dkn says:

    Lol such a tool. Whining because white ? The things you see nowadays

  14. FistofJade says:

    Before i find out, ill guess 50% scandinavian.

  15. White women these days…Sad.

  16. Why can’t people just be satisfied with their heritage? There’s nothing you can do about that it wasnt your choice. And did you really think you were African and Asian? You’re blonde blue eyed and fair skinned and you have European facial characteristics after all. Even if you did have more African and other non-European DNA in you would you go around calling yourself black or Asian? I don’t mean to be hateful just saying

  17. why do you wanna look exotic, its not fun to be asked constantly what you are or where you are from

  18. I thought you were kenyan too 🙁 you look mixed.

    but btw british and scandinavian have similar dna so that can be the reason it gets mixed

  19. Of course u want to be African dumb bitch

  20. rvborgh says:

    90% cat :)))))))))))) now you need to take a cat DNA test :))))

  21. tazchiefpu says:

    What a stupid blonde bitch!… she's the one that they make blonde jokes from…. SMH

  22. bhk110 says:

    Definitely got your nose from the Italian/Greek percentage ?

  23. I would also be upset of I was 95% european. I'm 100% european, so I am not upset 🙂

  24. LordMIGtau says:

    5% Middl East, she's arab or got some other (((ancestry)))

  25. anne241163 says:

    A lot of Iberian people (Spain/Portugal) have mixed blood with North Africans (Morocco etc.), so my guess is you got the North African blood from a Spanish ancestor.

  26. Another self-hating 'Murican…

  27. You are exotic, go visit other countries and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. World population wise, whites people are basically minorities.

  28. Rita Cooke says:

    I thought Scandinavian!

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