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Real-Life THOR Took a DNA Test – 23andme

Real-Life THOR Took a DNA Test – 23andme

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He rose to fame primarily through social media, but very quickly Brock O’Hurn became a star in his own right, appearing in a lead role on Tyler Perry’s TLC show, “Too Close to home” — Watch Brock find out what he’s made of, when he takes a genetic test.

Thank you 23andMe for providing the testing kits and providing the detailed results. You can get your own kit at: www.23andme.com

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21 thoughts on “Real-Life THOR Took a DNA Test – 23andme

  1. G Lo says:

    I thought this guy was Jesus from The Walking Dead

  2. TjRoland says:

    Not awkward at all lmao

  3. KMW says:

    Full Aryan. I’m jealous

  4. Wish they would point out that the ancestry part of these tests show your DNA for your Mother's Mother's Mother all the way back through the generations. If you are a guy you also see your Father's Father's Father on back. All the other branches of your family tree will not show up in the test. There are people who assume Mom was wrong about there being German (or whatever) in our family but if your Mother's Father was German it would not show up!!!! Do not give up a price of your heritage just because it does not show in the test. Either time to track down family members from those other branches or start digging into your family tree!

  5. i am completely straight, but that man is glorious

  6. Chris Hemsoworth is real life Thor (Marvel, not mythology).

  7. Marc Ager says:

    Thor appears humble, I like that.

  8. Cat Meow says:

    LoL(not league of legends i think like laughing out loud lol was that league of legends lol)

  9. bree ilya says:

    Why did this make me feel kinda uncomfortable to watch ?

  10. While he is aesthetically gorgeous he is NOT an alpha male…. That's okay though there are tons of women who prefer his type.

  11. this CUNT looks like he could be albino African and Asian!!!

  12. What’s the test name?

  13. Rima A says:

    Basically he's white ass shit

  14. The one thing I learned from getting my DNA results is My Family had no Idea of Our true Bloodline and Roots, I had never Celebrated St. Patrick's Day, then I got my results and found out that I was almost 70% Irish, I was totally caught off guard. I've never been a fan of the Irish, never wore Green on St. Patrick's Day, but with the results I was left to face the Facts, I'm not French, Native American, or German, it's so crazy how wrong my Family was…

  15. Wait a minute did those numbers add up to 100% ? What I heard was : 0,1 % Native American,
    0.1 % Southern Europe, 55% British-Irish, 12% French-German = 67.2% ? Is the other 32.8% unknown?

  16. This is the worst interview! The guy on the the left giggles and jokes a lot about stupidity! He doesn’t allow the person he is interviewing to talk!

  17. he seems like a nice guy.

  18. I hope u r not gay man!!!

  19. Thor was a red head with medium length hair, not long and a significant red beard.

  20. jack M says:

    Romans were over 6ft tall.to be.in their.military

  21. His personality is an attractive trait

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