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We Took A DNA Test • The Test Friends

We Took A DNA Test • The Test Friends

Can you handle the truth?

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44 thoughts on “We Took A DNA Test • The Test Friends

  1. My father is 100% Italian (from northern Tuscany), and though we have over a dozen different family lineages tracing our family back to the 1200's (from local parish records), I only got 35% Italian on the 23andme ancestral report (even though I'm 50% Italian). I did have an extra 15% Broadly Southern European, which I assume is the rest of my Italian ancestry. This is a common occurrence for a lot of people who take this test I've read.

    23andme (and the other Ancestral DNA companies) compare your DNA sequences to people who have lived in certain regions for several generations, but the current DNA populations might be somewhat different from the people who might have lived in this region at the time of your ancestors. As the databases increase (and the testing methods improve), there will likely be more specific ancestral DNA matches instead of broad classifications.

  2. Smol Son says:

    shane's 0.3% unassigned is demon heritage

  3. Mexican is not a race , most Mexicans are the mixture of European and native Americans.

  4. How possible is Jurassic park???

  5. I’m really white then Mexican??
    I am Irish, Scottish, German, Italian, and then Mexican??

  6. 草美 says:

    Knowing how regressive caucasian genetics are, how did these very white-looking white people expect to have something else than European????

  7. We all came from Adam and Eve. Geography, Climate, Food and G-d determines the rest.

  8. I need this!! Native american 100 percent! I think..

  9. “Yeah I’m gonna tell everyone!”

    Everyone already knows about slavery

  10. The African blood comes from Mexico slavery

  11. Im Philipino YAY means Ryan are PHILIPINO

  12. Im 100% idiot, sure about that!

  13. i don't know why but i've had a hunch of ryan being a filipino,, never researched it and now let's see!!!

  14. I’m 1% me and 99% BTS Like I literally thought of the mv DNA

  15. "I thought I would be something cool but I'm just white"
    Why does Buzzfeed hire these people? Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and NW Europe includes Russia, Italy, France, Germany and a slew of other really amazing cultures and backgrounds.

  16. Evan Smith says:

    My grandma took this and she was 99.9% British and .1 brodly north west European

  17. :o says:

    Mexican is not a race smh.

  18. I thought I was just English and German, I did the Canadian ancestry dna kit, my highest was Scottish /Irish, then UK, western Europe, and Scandinavian. And I thought I was appropriating Celtic culture with my Celtic tattoos, guess I wasn't…

  19. So when the whites find out they're 99.9% European that's boring, but when the black girl finds out she's 97.5% sub-saharan african it's interesting and represents her "blackness."

  20. I'd love to do that test???

  21. pantarhei says:

    When all races are blended nobody has to be dissapointed anymore, everyone will be so diverse.

  22. gotta love how the production for the DNA result of whites incites mockery. Totality not biased and agenda ridden

  23. I want to learn the pros and cons and same no matter what with each company that does DNA test

  24. I want to try this :0 it'd be nice to know what else I am

  25. I'm full on 100% Native American.

  26. I love how the ones who find out they’re European hate themselves. Shows their true racism

  27. Ali Masoum says:

    What category do you classify chechen ethnicity?

  28. Radrook says:

    That fiddling around with the saliva was disgusting!

  29. How is being European a "basic white girl" or "just a white guy"? European history and culture is rich and diverse.

  30. I want to try but i am 11 it said if u are 18 and down u have to ask permission

  31. Mormon Ancestry traces my direct roots on my fathers side back to the War of 1812 and some back to the old world: English, German, French, Cherokee and Welsh, in about that order. That is America for you (and yes, not just the USA), we are human mutts and proud of it.

  32. Ken MCRP says:

    I knew Ryan was somewhat Filipino!

  33. "I thought I'd be something interesting, I'm just a white guy"…
    " Just boring white…
    "Nothing interesting just white

    WHY do white people always talk like this? Maybe because other cultures celebrate heritage but they don't? Maybe if they did, they'd dig in and see they're interesting too! Stop always playing the that role, not good.

  34. I have indian,chinese ,European and most black in me

  35. Alpine says:

    I'm french and i know my ancestries(official french état civil), i made a test (23&me) and the results are wrong.
    Just to say be careful with these tests.

  36. dzsm239 says:

    I don't know what is more ignorant. The video or the comments section

  37. White Americans are Europeans

  38. I hope there is no violation of privacy agreement. Till now, No body is sure what these testing companies are cooking as testing of mtdna sequences may reveal medical information.

  39. Txmilx ssi says:

    how is being white "not interesting" ? France, Italy, England, North eastern countries, Germany, Spain etc. Europe is so rich and amazing.

  40. KV says:

    I was born in Russia but apparently I'm ethnically a Balt from Lithuania.

  41. N. Smith says:

    Why are white people so disappointed to be white? Lmao

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