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What’s in a Filipino? My 23andMe DNA Results

What’s in a Filipino? My 23andMe DNA Results

I’ve always wondered what kind of mix Filipinos really are. So I got my spit tested from 23andMe and finally got my results back. Consider the curiosity killed.


47 thoughts on “What’s in a Filipino? My 23andMe DNA Results

  1. 奇緣 says:

    OMG. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I repeated, multiple times, that part about your mom, telling you that they are your real parents.???????

  2. Philippines was colonized by Japan, America, and Spain. But Spain colonized the Philippined the longest, I think.

  3. Chris says:

    I have filipino blood too. you are one of the better looking filipinos I've seen.

  4. malay, spain, chinese, and filipino 😉 just my instict

  5. Esha Kumar says:

    Even before the results were out . I swear i knew you had chinese mixture. Those malays mix with chinese look alot like you.

  6. Hi there, I enjoyed watching this. I also wanna find out mine lol. Really cool.

  7. I'm pure blooded FILIPINO!!!! and I'm proud being filipino..
    Drink your Mexican blood, Spanish blood, American blood etc…
    Who cares??? It's all your's…

  8. elmo P says:

    Filipino Elected Donald Trump

  9. So why is it that right when you picked up your green tea to drink I had my green tea in my hand too! I was dying laughing.

  10. elmo P says:

    Filipino are not pacific islander you gay

  11. That is cool dude, you are mestizo definitely you have Spanish/Portuguese blood, try to learn Spanish now bro LOL, well done, thank you for sharing, more vlogs please bro. Stay safe, MABUHAY

  12. Alfie Red says:

    Mestizo in Filipino means someone who's obviously mixed race (White). To the person named Ruben Perez being extremely racist and ignorant, shut the fuck up. ?

  13. Most Indian are 90 to 100 percent indian

  14. HBlaine says:

    did you bought 23andme from the philippines? i thought they dont have shipment reaching there

  15. Middle eastern are the Muslims who migrated to the Philippines as refugees some 1600s ago. Not in the history of Philippines thou. My great grandpa is Muslim and I'm the 7th generation from his. Native Filipinos are negritos ( African).we are all related bro and sis that why we must love one another and no racism

  16. Adonexa K says:

    Now my curiosity is killing me, my mother's side of the family are all filipinos (Mindoreño/as and Ilocano/as) they're mestizas and mestizos, a lot lot short and small and my dad's side of the family are all filipinos as well (all from Bicol ^^) very very dark skin (I'm not exaggerating ) and hugeeeee wide and flat noses. I've been reading all mixed up infos and arguments about the first filipinos being aetas, indos, malays or samoans and tongans… so I'm so f—-ing curious.

  17. Not Kidding bt I am a Bengali(South Asian)…and u look exactly like me…???

  18. NG ! says:

    Bro ur tisoy tho but are u half Filipino or full?

  19. philippines was colonized by the spain for 300 + years. thats why most of the filipinos are catholic


  21. Sorry but Filipinos do not look like Mexicans…. Mexicans are made up of the three colonial bloods of Indigenous, African, and European (spanish) while you guys are made up of Asian, Polynesian, and or Malay dNA…. Although the spanish did stay in the PI for a while, they didn't really mix at all ! A dNA research of the Philippines says that only 0.002 percent of the entire Philippine population has european dNA.. 0.002 PERCENT ISN'T EVEN A QUARTER OF ONE %….. THE ONLY THING spanish about you guys are your names… That's it …. You guys don't look spanish, you don't speak spanish… One or two spanish words DOES NOT MEAN YOU speak spanish… The 0.002 percent probably means that one of those spaniards sneezed on a couple of you….

  22. SammyDuo says:

    Babe new sub here ur so cutie:)

  23. You might have American blood because the European one is broadly European but not Iberian which means Spanish/Portuguese. I have 0.6 Iberian and 0.1 broadly European and the rest is East and South asia.

  24. edi~ half a percent does not constitute you having white blood -lines, oh these desperate flips just waiting for European table – scrapes ( crumbs)= pathetic, stupid flip you Jungle Asian with Polynesian ?

  25. all I know is that I'm half Spanish and half Filipino.. what is 23 n me is that website?

  26. Filipinos aren't really mixed

  27. My brother, I'm Filipino, Aeta descent , hopefully some ifugao and igorot . I have a spanish last name but it's only coz those darn invaders raped my people back in the day. I Love me some reggae, hiphop, martial arts and acoustic instruments .I ask you stop worshipping europeans and so-called white people so much, love what you are, you have a very rich culture that is unique because nowhere else on earth did so many nations come together and formed one very diverse country out of love, even america is formed out of hate.

  28. The native probably comes from Mexico when Spain had control and shipped people back and forth.

  29. Southern Europe is probably Italy, Greece, Croatia etc. not Spain or Portugal, because they are classified under the people from the iberian peninsula. FYI ?

  30. J M says:

    You are so Handsome

  31. Why people say you look Mexican you ain't Mexican MAH NIGGA

  32. Kai Cruz says:

    23andMe has a small catalogue of Asian DNA. They won't be able to break down Filipino DNA into ifugao, igorot, aeta or indo-malay. And if you're Chinese they can't tell if you're from Guangdong, Fujianese, Teochew, Hunanese, etc. They lump all of it together as "Southeast Asian" or "Chinese".

  33. Europe doesn't mean white people!!!! You're of the Zhou tribe of Asia! Central Asia!

  34. Qwert yuo says:

    I'd say the West Africa and European mixture is the Spanish descender. Filipinos do look like a mix of Indian, chinese. It's a shame the South East Asian part is broken down. I guess the Filipinos, Malays and Indonesians are very similar with dna correlation.

  35. Great results! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ with more than 400 regions, you can do it from 23andme raw data also. Try and tell us please

  36. Paolo M. says:

    God!, why are people attacking us, HoY! We don't think nor dream that we're part of Europe, bitch please!, I don't even think nor want to look Mexican, keep your Latin ass!…

  37. Jay S. says:

    i hate to break it to you, but the 0.3% south asian probably comes from the Aetas, not indians. surprisingly, genetics have shown that aetas trace their ancestry to the ice age , indian subcontinent. hence south asia.

  38. Filipino people STOP thinking you are part European you jungle Asians are pure Asiactics deal with yet and take a good look in the mirror ?! you do not look Mexican?! We Mexicans are the true Mestizo ○ I myself came out with a whooping 70% European and rest Jewish, Middle-eastern and Native-American ○ need I say more!

  39. We don't come from Africa. And these results are 500 years back.

  40. Pinoy ka nga 93% southeast asian

  41. Rizal Jose says:

    You are one confused fucked up poodle.

  42. Mexicans are mix blacks proven by AncestryDNA

  43. Filipino Mestizo have been escaped from Spanish colonization and many have been massacred.

  44. Good Vibes says:

    He looks MEXICAN, it must be that Native american/Asian blood.

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