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Adoptee’s 23andMe DNA Results!

Adoptee’s 23andMe DNA Results!

I am a Chinese adoptee, and I didn’t know anything about my ancestry until I did the 23andMe DNA test! I was adopted from Zhongshan, China when I was 10 months old with very limited information on my birth family.

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40 thoughts on “Adoptee’s 23andMe DNA Results!

  1. bexnmoo says:

    I have perfect pitch! It tends to skip generations. My grandfather had it and his grandmother had it

  2. It must of been scary since your adopted . I really want to but my parents said know so am I adopted or an orphan… am I really who I am or is my life a lie . Hope I find out soon . But I hope you got the results you like

  3. U have such a nice energy wow

  4. goheat77 says:

    You are almost a perfect example of pure human DNA!!.

  5. Kush Kunte says:

    you look vietnamese

  6. I got almost the same thing when I did it. ( I was adopted from China too )

  7. My husband is Chinese and Mongolian. The 23andMe results were terrible. 97% Chinese and 1.7% Mongolian but wegene said 50% southern Han and 30% Mongolian (the rest some other Chinese minority’s)

  8. Mix of Northern Han andq Southern Han!Cool!

  9. Kun Guo says:

    A beautiful Chinese girl and 100% American presentable. Loving and lucky.

  10. Hana Moon says:

    you don't look anything like Korean.

  11. Jc Dizon says:

    To be honest when I first saw what you look like, I thought you were Filipino. You have a Southeast Asiatic appearance to me.

  12. aRnBStar says:

    probably Sichuan mix taiwan or(fujian)

  13. One question about results with 23 and me with adoptees do you HAVE to make your results public and/or searchable? Are you able to look at matches privately or is any match notified of your results, what if adoptees do not want or aren’t ready for contact with potential matches?

  14. Aumym says:

    im also adopted but not from china but vietnam. Was a really interesting video 🙂

  15. Greg Chen says:

    I am surprised that you have 10 Gaoshan Chinese and 7.8 Dai Chinese. I only have 1.8 percent Gaoshan Chinese, that already made me surprised. Gaoshans are aboriginal in Taiwan and they are the ancestors of south–east Asians(such as Filipino), and only 2% percent of Taiwanese are Gaoshan, so they are very rare. I do not have Dai Chinese. Dai is actually a minority that is the same as the main ethnic group in Thailand. There are very few of Dai in China. So I am quite sure you are from Yunan province where there are a lot of minorities. Gaoshan and Dai are actually cousins of South-East Asians.

  16. Vision33r says:

    One day when DNA samples from China gets more common you'll be able to locate your relatives and birth parents. Most Chinese from mainland do not believe in donating their organs or taking DNA tests, it's consider betraying their ancestors.

  17. Bswag26 says:

    How do you find the website for the more specific dna results

  18. PM William says:

    You dont need to do DNA test, I can guarantee you are 200% Chinese.

  19. Roz Hector says:

    I have sent off my 23 and Me test.
    The think that got me was the blooming survey . Which went on for an eternal amount of time.
    That appears to be where they come out with all those results .

  20. Looks like you have wonderful adopted parents who did a great job raise you!

  21. Sweetest Intro ever!
    I got 46.9% Chinese & Vietnamese and some Amazonian!

  22. Oh wow super cool results! Also, you have amazing hair!

  23. STJ YASUO says:

    100%cuteness and incredible beautiful voice

  24. Awesome vid! I wish I could also take it. Im also adopted, they said that my real mom worked as a prostitute. My biological dad was a foreigner. I'm just really curious.

  25. I’m a Korean adoptee and I just ordered my 23 and me kit and I’ve been wanting to learn more about where I came from but not necessarily searching for my birth parents, which sounds kinda like what you did this for. This video was so helpful with clarifying how 23&me works for Asians (because AncestryDNA definitely does not), so thank you!

  26. Greg Chen says:

    95% Chinese is a very high percentage. No chinese is a pure chinese, I have 1% Korean blood.

  27. It would be nice if u continue keeping the genes of ur descendants Asian, i want to know how long would it last. Im guessing that some time in the future no one will be of a single race… which is kinda sad.. because everyone will look the same and its gonna get boring.. there wont be any differences to embrace.

  28. Painbow says:

    What's the tune at the end of the video? I keep hearing it everywhere. Oh, and congratulations on being Asian and hot.

  29. Thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is http://www.24genetics.com with more than 400 world regions, now that you have 23andme raw data you can take it. They are very reliable, I realy recommend it in your situation. Good luck!

  30. Good luck on your journey… Maybe one day you'll find out all the information you seek.

  31. I was adopted as well out of a Jewish family. I did my own research with very limited information and found many Hungarian Jews, Spaniards, and Scotts. Took the Ancestry DNA test and my top three results were those mentioned above. Ancestry just focused on the ethnic origin and migration patterns of your ancestors. It's really cool and a good inexpensive way to get that info! They show you not just he general region but SPECIFIC areas your blood is from. I am even 2-4% Indian! Don't know what happened there in my family with migration, but it's cool! My DNA results really confirmed my own research that's taken about 11 years of my life to find, and it's a great way to get connected with your heritage!

  32. Thank you so much for sharing ! Ck out http://www.Gedmatch.com which goes more indepth and you may find closer biological relatives on Gedmatch. I did Ancestry.com which was great and found my Dad two half sisters.


  34. Did it cost you to put the results in Wegene.com I'm awaiting a 23 and Me kit for my girlfriend who is Asian.

  35. I would also consider FamilyTreeDna.com as they have a large Asian pool of results. Unfortunately for my daughter she didn't come close to match anyone.

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