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23andMe Results Are In! How Mexican Am I?

23andMe Results Are In! How Mexican Am I?

Hi, everyone and thanks for coming back to my channel! Today’s video is a little different. I decided to buy the 23andme ancestry test and i’m so glad i did. I was not expecting the results I got. I will always pride myself in being Mexican, that will never change. But, it’s also really neat to learn where you came from. I hope you enjoy today’s video and let me know if you guys end up taking the test yourselves! xoxo!


21 thoughts on “23andMe Results Are In! How Mexican Am I?

  1. M.A H.G says:

    So how long did it take to get your results.

  2. You should get better informed, there is not way to say how Mexican someone is, because Mexican is not a race but a nationality of a group of people that have mixed for at least 500 years, most Mexican are then "mestizos" this mean they have a mix of: Native Americans, Spaniards, Italians, Africans, Jewish, Arabs, Germans, British for the most part and in some cases mixed with Chinese and other parts of the World, that explains your results and the results of most people from Mexico.

  3. Fuckin cracker hahah

  4. Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a sub race comprised of Iberian and indigenous

  5. adris says:

    What part of Mexico is your family from???

  6. susy_dream says:

    Un dato, si te esperabas más porcentaje de España estabas en lo cierto pues la mitad sur de Italia y la Isla Italiana de Cerdeña durante 300 años aprox. fueron de España , por eso a mi me salió un porcentaje alto de Cerdeña. Por otra parte, la parte norte de África también te sale, porque fueron los que estuvieron en la península ibérica durante 800 años. Por todo esto tienes más en común con los españoles de lo que aparentemente te sale en los porcentajes, estos datos pueden confundir un poco. Besitos de tu hermana española 🙂

  7. I was expecting a higher Asian percentage. Maybe 30% at least.

  8. chetosr says:

    there´s a lot of people that look like she does in México.. ia have a sister that actually look somewhat like her, but my sister has a brown hair with some red tones

  9. Ok Elizabeth Warren…

  10. J. Huertas says:

    I'm proud to be a Latino American,this one from L.A..I like your video

  11. Angel Lee says:

    Why you gotta many haters for no reason, fuck them all.
    Nice video

  12. Gabby Tubs says:

    Having 13% unassigned is crazy! That’s a big chunk! Is there anything that you can do to figure it out?

  13. RaidersM says:

    The majority of Mexicans that take these tests on YouTube don’t look like your average Mexicans, I believe they know that so that’s why they want to find out exactly what they are.

  14. Idk why everyone is so surprised. You look very castiza like a lot of girls in places like Sinaloa and Nuevo León.

  15. whyz yttf says:

    We are all mixed European unfortunately kinda sad cause that goes all the way back from the Spanish invasion on South America extinct our ancestors Root's of indigenous people of our countries

  16. MJ Sanchez says:

    I am 70 percent Aztec Indian.

  17. Ray Sand says:

    You are fairly fair skinned and have Southern European features so I would have thought that you were more European with a higher percentage than just 57%. Genetics is interesting!

  18. al red dog says:

    I hardly here mexican claiming to be native. I know there are tribe down there so thats good we got soldiers in south

  19. jay walker says:

    Abilgail you are nice looking woman. Be happy who you are. Tks jpaul

  20. jay walker says:

    Abilgail you are nice looking woman. Be happy who you are. Tks jpaul

  21. jay walker says:

    liz is native american iam half native from the usa and know what native look like dna testing is not a real science just takes your money and makes up what they think you are not real

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