Home DNA Ancestor►WATCH ME GET A DNA TEST – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!
►WATCH ME GET A DNA TEST – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!

►WATCH ME GET A DNA TEST – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!

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35 thoughts on “►WATCH ME GET A DNA TEST – I put 23andme and Ancestry.com to the test!

  1. Your tattoo is soo dope ? where did you get it done

  2. bblazeff1 says:

    Dang, you're beautiful

  3. I got a 23andme commercial for this omg

  4. you look iceladic, you look like bjork

  5. garrigg says:

    When are you going to post the results?

  6. I can see the icelandic.

  7. Lokelani says:

    You got them mixed up! Ancestry.com is only $99 with shipping; 23and me is twice that.

  8. I new she was Asian I could see it in the eyes

  9. KC 1776 says:

    results should be in soon! I'm wanting to see your results and to hear which you like best. I want to order one this month…. thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. I always thought you were a mix of Japanese (Asian) and White.

  11. cogit8able says:

    Very informative , thank you. 😉

  12. Tia Bates says:

    Ewww! I wouldn't be able to do that cause I'm a germiphobe when it comes to spit DX


  14. I've got pretty detailed information on my mom's side of the family, including a family tree stretching to the early 1600s. The mystery is my dad's side, I have no idea what he might have. They say they're "german" but, likely a bunch of other stuff in there. Be interesting to get a test like this to find out just what's there.

  15. ILike Cats says:

    but who is the father.

  16. kwatcher1 says:

    I did the Ancestry.com DNA test, which gave me the region my ancestors came from. My niece did the 23 and me (if I remember right) and she got a whole lot more information back. Love to hear what you find out.

  17. I will guess you are 99% – 100% European 🙂 Now, I have no idea the euro nations though. Ancestry is cheaper and better for Non-Asians. 23 and me is better for Asians and if you like more details like what kind of eye color your DNA markers have, or medical risks, etc. But as you said it's 200 bucks.

  18. a 23andme ad came on before this video XD so related

  19. xendark says:

    Excited to see what you get, would like to try it myself when i have money.

  20. I gave my dad the 23andme test for father's day. I told him I wanted a paternity test? He loved it! Surprise though, we share ancestry with Stephen Colbert ?

  21. ThoraniosX says:

    What I don't understand is why the 23andme kit is more than twice what the Ancestry kit cost.

  22. I hope you get the results soon I'm interested to know about your ancestry and btw you're awesome :3

  23. Pentaverse says:

    The icelandic is very prominent

  24. Jasmine says:

    …..so are gonna post the results

  25. QUEENDOM says:

    wow no results, so i just watched a girl spit into a tube for 10 minutes…..

  26. patu8010 says:

    How long does it take to get the results back? It's been a month.

  27. After you get your Ancestry DNA results. You can download your DNA Data and transfer it to Family Tree DNA for $39. Also, upload it to Gedmatch.com and DNA.LAND which are both FREE!!!! Here is the link to transfer your DNA Data from Ancestry to FamilyTreeDNA. https://www.familytreedna.com/AutosomalTransfer

  28. Yours Mortem will be like this
    90% central European(UK 25% Germany 10% 10% French, Scandinavia 10% Iberian Pen. 15% others! ??)
    4% African, 2% Asian, 2% Native American, 2% Oceania!!
    Cant wait for your results!! Please compare both test closely! and Tell it as it is

  29. I hope you get these back soon. I want to buy one of these for myself.

  30. What? How you're NOT asian?

  31. Is it a coincidence that I have an ancestry.com ad at the top of the page?

  32. On my Mom's Side, we can trace our lineage back to St. Luke the Evangelist. On my Pap's side, I am still doing the Patents of Lineage, with the College of Arms in Britian. I thank 23andme.com, for the Parkinson's Disease Research Project. Thanks as well for letting me find my Second Cousin-Hon. Mrs. Patricia Bonti and my fourth cousin-Hon. Mrs. Josey Neidhart. Thank you as well for all of the updates concerning our Parkinson's Disease Research.

  33. UltraMatt says:

    I actually took the DNA Test through ancestry and came up with…some extremely weird results. Only one in my family to end up with some of the results. Though I also took the Nat Geo Genetics test as well and that one came up with…unusual results as well. Be interesting to see the results of this will be!

  34. You are like super cool and down to earth ✌? I would really like to do a ancestry DNA tests but would like to know if this service is only exclusive to the US and not the Caribbean,,,,, I am for the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and would like to know.

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