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100% “Unicorn” African 23andMe DNA & How It Affects Blacks

100% “Unicorn” African 23andMe DNA & How It Affects Blacks

I am Igbo (an ethnic group in Nigeria) 99% and 1% central Africa and I live in the USA. Family is from and lives in Igboland Nigeria.


27 thoughts on “100% “Unicorn” African 23andMe DNA & How It Affects Blacks

  1. I swear you look alike one of my sister in Nigeria her name is chiwe from imo state.

  2. You really need to pay YouTube to promote this video… I have a feeling you would get a bunch of subs… As and African American I loved this video…

  3. Little girl read a black history book watch a slave movie you can find them in the library. Slaves had no choice on weather they live or die or who they were forced to have sex with or if they worked in the house or in the fields. Blacks have come a long way and the fight is not over. Because of the blood of blacks you and your family are able to enjoy this American Life.

  4. Abio H says:

    Greetings of love to you. I see that you created this video nearly two years ago, but I just saw it today. Thank you for reaching out to your family here in the US. I was touched by how you expressed your surprise with warmth. My DNA revealed I am 84% West African being mostly Nigerian (the largest percentage) Benin (the Nagos?) and Togo. I knew from early days I was probably Nigerian because I loved the Nigerian artifacts and ceremonies that seemed familiar to me. On my first trip to Naja I was stunned as I saw a lot of people who favored my father especially, but I have not had my male family members tested yet. Thank you and I hope that you will share any developments on the family you made contact with. Your statements represent a full circle of love-from Nigeria to America and back again. Love Abio. (Lol I had a name change when I was there.).

  5. Fix the weave and bridge that gap. And why do you keep swinging back and forth?

  6. Mr.C says:

    This is a great video. You are correct about African American culture, yall are definitely apart of us. Matter of fact, to break it down even more, when you factor in that the region in the US that received the greatest proportion of Igbo’s (Virginia/Maryland), also exported more slaves into the rest of the South than any other state during the course of slavery, there’s a high chance most African Americans have some sort of Igbo ancestry. For example, TD Jakes whose originally from West Virginia, had oral history in his family of being Igbo and his DNA test confirmed it. ??

  7. Thank you beautiful lady.
    Yes many of us yearn for a link to Africa. It's very painful.

  8. I figured this video was going to be Nigerian ignorance of what their cousin's effectively went through. I was not disappointed but I ended up being because it was true

  9. alansjf33 says:

    My results came back that I am 91 % African and 68 percent of that is Nigerian. My family is from Barbados.

  10. Wow. I'm 94%-95% West African. And I'm darker than you. Side note: Why a lot of so called Black's, Negroes, Afro-Americans, African-Americans talk the way we do…

    ? http://www.truthovertradition.com/why-black-people-speak-ebonics/

  11. Im nigerian, did mine and got 92 percent african 4 percent european 1 percent native american

  12. Son of Ra says:

    Bi a se bi eru, la se bi omo.

    "As the slave was born so also was the child(freeman) born.

    – Yoruba proverb.

  13. Not know ing is COMMON. It happened because enslaved people were unable to speak their language. They were beat raped and terrorized if they did. I promise you that it wasn’t because they necessarily wanted to. Families were broken up. So if you were brought here as a Nigerian family you could have died separated and in a whole new family. Also, there was the case of lighter Africans that worked primarily in the home of the slave master which more often than not turned into the lighter women being raped and having children that were of European and African descent. This further contributed to the breakdown of the culture and language your mother and father spoke. Our great great great grandparents can’t tell us what they didn’t know from the start or remember. Their parents had their culture and language beaten out of them and their families torn from them.

  14. T Amza says:

    The lady is significantly Nigerian bc a great deal of Igbo, Yoruba, and Fula ppl were brought from west Africa to the Americas for forced labor, along with Blacks from other West African nations. They forged new African ethnicities: afro Caribbean, afro Latinos, and afro Americans ❤❤❤

  15. Thank you so much for your insight, I loved this video!

  16. Most African Americans have three different regions of African DNA.Along with European, native American and Asian depending on location. The European countries divided Africa and preferred slaves from select areas but in USA they were mixed as they bought Africans from foreign ships. The Caribbean had more from one place also Central and south America.New Orleans every European country brought Africans who knew their origin.USA slaves usually didn't.

  17. It is wonderful you have thought about black Americans and how they must have been Africans who had to learn how to work together instead if not having a culture as many Africans think. Our culture has developed along different circumstances than colonialism. You are a beautiful young African Nigerian Ibo lady, a doll and I look forward to more of your videos.

  18. Lee M. says:

    You seem racist.
    People do have stories of the Holocaust.
    Your grand father probably sold one of his 10 wives. Snotty.

  19. Lee M. says:

    You look Chinese

  20. The ibo people are part of the lost tribes of Israel

  21. Big head ass Hamite do you know Liberia in 1500s is how black american aborigines got to West Africa; that's how Africans were able to be different colors and good hair

  22. Smh that shit is a scam

  23. GremGreene says:

    You should have told her because you still have money from it and no one in their right mind shows culpability in blood money.

  24. Wow interesting……I did both 23andme and AncestryDNA,  I got 100 percent African from Ancestry and 97 percent African from 23andme both of my parents and their parents are all from America……I'm dark brown skin but don"t look like a typical or continental west African……my highest percentages were CameroonCongo and Southeastern Bantu followed by…..BeninTogo, Senegal, Mali. ICGhana……..looking at all the ethnicities of each country….. not sure which one I would fit in the most.

  25. You maybe an ancestor of a slave but do not forget that ancestor had ancestors that were not slaves…do not let that gruesom history define who you are as citizens of this warped planet.

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