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23 and Me DNA Results!

23 and Me DNA Results!

I finally got my DNA results back from the 23andMe test I did way back in the beginning of January? I can’t even remember… it was a long time ago. The suspense has been killing me.

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50 thoughts on “23 and Me DNA Results!

  1. e walt says:

    They told me I didn't have any DNA.

  2. King Moe says:

    Ok I lmao at that 2.9% ????

  3. Nice video! Have you tried the DNA Health test of 24Genetics? I really recommend it in your situation, it is so much more complete.

  4. You make me laugh when you crack jokes love your videos x

  5. Were there any surprises for you in your ancestry results? I had some in mine and really didn't expect to – at all.

  6. Oh okay, you are a woman. You had me at first. ?

  7. Wow, this is interesting. I took the myheritagedna test…and I only got 3 results: Irish, Eastern European, and Balkan…i wish it had been a little more in depth like this.

  8. you have the XYY super male they cant just trace it lol

  9. cant wait to get my shirt and braclets. I think my friends are going to like them alot

  10. That’s pretty cool. Was it worth the cost? I have been wanting to do one of those DNA Background Tests but I worry if it’s worth it. Obviously each person has different feelings or views of worth. But I guess was it what you expected? Any complaints, beside time?!

  11. The "Broadly [insert place here]" just means they could tell part of your DNA was from that area of the world, but they couldn't tell specifically what country, if that makes sense.

  12. Iberian means someone coming from Iberian peninsula which consists of Spain and Portugal. So there you go, my fellow european 🙂

  13. Shawn Ladd says:

    Sorry you didn't get into the 3%+ Neaderthal club. We have the best parties.

  14. Your dna results also reveal you're a woman

  15. Could you make a video showing your leg scar? Im considering phalloplasty and would be interested in seeing it several months later

  16. John: 1515 says:

    So excited for the results and your shirts!

  17. Iberia is Spain. I had to look that one up too! Love you Cody!

  18. Cailum B. says:

    My favorite youtuber!!!

  19. seheabol says:

    My lady friend is 41% Native American. She’s cool ? can’t wait to get mine ?we sent them the same time

  20. wait…you're NOT the father? I want a re-test!!

  21. link to purchase your t-shirts..??? i gotta have one ( or 2-3 )

  22. ancestory has made such a great looking man, apparently! ?
    Cody you are Handsome as always! props to You..!!! ?

  23. Hi Cody. Genetics is not boring to me so I was really looking forward to your results. I am glad that you did not go for the health-related results. As I said about the video when you were about to send your sample to 23andme, those health-related results are pretty much useless because you may have markers for all sorts of diseases but you may never develop them. They need a trigger to turn them on – that's the whole field of study of epigenetics. So don't bother with that or any other similar thing because it is pretty much useless for the vast majority of people.
    On a lighter note, I would not say that you are short or neander-thal, you are just under-tall! Ha!
    Your origins are very similar to mine except that I am more Mediterranean (southern Europe) than northern Europe. That was a surprise to me because my ancestors were from Normandy where the Vikings (Norseman —> Norman) had a strong impact. Maybe that explains why I am much more a lover than a fighter. Ha! Cheers.

  24. Now i am so wanting to get mine done. I have no full blooded brothers but 2 half paternal brothers so im going to try and convince them to as well. I will likely have the same results as you though haha

  25. Cody- if you don’t want to pay 23andme for the health part and you are a little interested in “probable” health conditions per your DNA and other factors you can learn, there is a website called http://www.promethease.com that my aunt told me about where I plugged it gives you the option to upload your 23andme results and then gives you some basic health info aligned with your DNA. Think it costs $5. Pretty cool.

  26. Mae Mari says:

    You are so funny! ?
    For some reason I always knew you had a little Asian in you o: Also don't fret over your height, you're still amazing weather your tall or short. ?

  27. YAY!!! ? It'll cool I'm staying. ?and I've watched a ton of other videos you've put out. You're a great looking guy, motivated, and I like seeing the stuff you cook and the meal prep. I'm going to try to start doing this.

  28. “That’s probably my trans side.” ?

  29. grace v says:

    i really like the hair cut!

  30. Woo! I guessed right. I'm mostly white and a little Asian and Native American too

  31. I am waiting for my dna results from 23 and me. I phoned them and the first attemt they made failed. So they are trying again. If it fails again they will give me a free kit.

  32. I knew those amazing cheek bones had to be native or Asian ?

  33. I loved the recent short doc I seen of your journey ?????

  34. Hold up. Youre not the father??? Why nottt

  35. Cody what does the the tattoo on your left bicep say?

  36. That’s so awesome! I’ve wanted to do an ancestry DNA kit for some time. I may have to do that sooner than later. Thanks for another video! You are such a wonderful person.
    PS- don’t put yourself down by saying you aren’t that smart. You are highly intelligent and a great man.

    Awesome! ❤ Thank you for sharing with us! "And then I have 2.9%, of me that is a mystery! That's probably my trans side. ~ hehe ~ Just kidding…" LOL You're adorable, intelligent and just so naturally funny. Don't ever forget it! Lovin' the shirt! ❤
    Great post as always Cody!
    ~ hugs

  38. Not short you're fun sized! ?

  39. I love your videos 🙂 kisses from #Brazil :* you are such an amazing person.. <3

  40. heynewgirl says:

    Wait wait wait…. Did I hear correctly, you aren't very smart? You have this wrong. Please don't say that. You are very smart, articulate and kind. Granted I only know you through vids but please.. change that thinking. Maybe you don't realize the strength and courage you are displaying in these vids. Your courage helps empower others who may feel no one understands them, you are their strength as they learn how to be strong.

  41. Eee! Those shirts look great! Nice DNA results a nice little mix.

  42. You’re a really adorable person ??

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