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ok ok so 23 & Me isn’t actually a scam… just click bait! But I was disappointed with the price I paid and what information I received. When purchasing they tell you all the features they have and what kind of information you will receive once you send in your DNA. However, I was disappointed to find out after I got my results back, I would have to pay more to upgrade for all the features.

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28 thoughts on “23 AND ME IS A SCAM

  1. 01Xclusive says:

    This girls an idiot

  2. T Wilson says:

    Start a GO fund me page, people will donate so you can get your eyebrows done. Ewwwwww!

  3. So you paid 100 dollars for the DNA test and already pretty much knew what you were and it wasn't a surprise. .
    the DNA test told you what you already knew and was correct. How is that a scam. Why bother even taking this test if you already knew what you were. Were you expecting some so called exotic stuff from other parts of the world .

  4. Iberia is Spain balkins IS Greek

  5. You don’t even look Greek, maybe I would say middle eastern or something

  6. Su Zan says:

    I saw something that said these are really not accurate. Also, I notice they are telling a lot of people they are part Ashkenazi Jewish, but I think they lie about that so more people will be sympathetic and ignore the atrocities that some Jews do.
    Just like how it is illegal to question the official story of the Holocaust in many countries, especially European.

  7. Laura Moon says:

    You probably should have done some research on how DNA works and taken a geography coarse before attempting to do this.

  8. L Weil says:

    What a waste of time.

  9. You’re funny. Don’t pay them anymore money for that crap.

  10. dawnn says:

    Balkan counts as greek btw

  11. If you want…ill put some Greek in you!

  12. Good thing you didnt pay for the 23 and Me heath part – that costs $200. The REAL benefit of these DNA tests is the cousin matching – finding cousins. It is not just for learnign your your ethnic origins. The tests at the time will never be exact – only vague by telling you regions you come from. Which, as you said, you already know. So perhaps you can do some cousin matching instead? While I am getting a DNA test, I havent done 23 and me, because I hated the idea of spitting and because I already know what health issues I have, so I am using another company (NOT Ancestry) that uses a cheek swab and not that disgusting spitting, and I will be looking for cousins and biological family.

  13. Dazed Cleo says:

    I was 100% British and Irish and I was lowkey dissapointed at how basic it was but on Living DNA they said where they originated from and apparently they're romani gypsys! who traveled from South Asia-> Romania-> Iberia->UK

  14. you look like you are middle East term

  15. Nancy Reds says:

    Thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ with more than 400 regions. You can do it from 23andme raw data also, try and tell us please!

  16. 23andMe said you were 39.1% S. European and then you tell your mom you’re 99% British?! You’re 99.2% European, Vienna Sausage Head

  17. try mtdna and show it in the video

  18. 8 generations ago you were spanish

  19. Mayerley says:

    If you know where you come from genetically, like Italy, France, UK. You will know 90% of your DNA. In your case, you should have known how it was going to be like, and not get disappointed. You should focus on the health part of the test, instead of the ancestry part. However, for Latinos, we could expect a lot from it, because of our history, specially the people from the Caribbeans.

  20. Just depends on who you are, And where your from, I’m Hispanic so I have such a mixture it’s not even funny, I’m literally from all over the world… my AncestryDNA lit up like a Christmas tree…

  21. mall rat says:

    im so glad my results were greek so i would not be disappointed like yu) ancestry is better at showing specific regions

  22. These ancestry or ethnicity dna tests are selling the modern day equivalent of selling a pet rock or snake oil.

    There is nothing in one's dna that links them to where they were born. If there is nothing in your dna that links you to where you were born, then there is nothing in one's ancestors that links them to where they were supposedly from.

    Another logical fallacy of these ancestry or ethnicity dna test, is that mental constructs can not be manifest or replicated in one's dna. Anyone beyond the age of two knows that language, culture, ethnicity, religion or life, has to be learned.

    Another logical fallacy is that an individual is only made up of a few haplogroups, when the biological reproductive process is a geometric progression of the power of two, which meaning that going back only 20 generations, there were 1,048,576 contributors to one's dna. It is possible to go from specific to general but it is impossible to go from general to specific.

    Another logical fallacy is that an haplogroup establishes any link to one's real identity. Because of biological reproductive process, each individual is a uniquely distinct individual where each generation losing access to half of the previous generation's dna, one is only genetically related to 254 other individuals which only goes back 7 generations.

    The biological reproductive process is an evolutionary process, where no one has ever been the same or will ever be the same that can only be linked to one's actual progenitors, not some fictional mental construct.

  23. There are a few people in the world who's ancestors didn't mix some stayed in their own and some explored. I got a lot in mine that I had no clue about

  24. should've used ancestry DNA like moi 😉

  25. Lola Max says:

    I feel like the health one is the only one that’s interesting because it will tell you if you have any weird genes like MTHFR and things like that or if there’s a part of the family you don’t know about like I’m part Native American but we don’t know how much because they lied on my grandfathers birth certificate so he wouldn’t face discrimination

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