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8 thoughts on “23 and Me Results and Review! (Vlogmas Day 8)

  1. I just got my 23 and Me results! I haven't read though everything yet (so much info), but I am almost 100% Northwestern European (in descending order: British, Irish, French, German, and Scandinavian). I thought I was mostly Scandinavian and turns out I'm only 10%. That was surprising to me as well as finding I'm more Irish than I thought! I've been doing ancestry/family tree research for a few years so this really confirmed what I'd found through that so far. So cool!

  2. Shao Pinko says:

    Cool! I love the intro to your video, by the way. Usually it's the folks who DON'T think they're Native American who ARE Native American. The rest are just the descendants of $5 Indians & mythical Indian Princess grandmas who ditched their people on the trail to hide in the hills with white people.

  3. Thanks for sharing! U inspired me to finally send mine in! My results should be back in about 6 weeks. I’m excited to see them.

  4. So funny! EVERY time Zac goes out the front door on a sunny day, he sneezes! Great video, thx for sharing.

  5. Your Latino, Native American should not be a surprise.

  6. Liz McKey says:

    Appreciate you sharing this information. First time I’ve seen results and how this works. Great idea to give the test as gifts to family members.

  7. I think it is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing. ~Elizabeth

  8. Missy Ford says:

    I wish I had done 23andme. I did Ancestry DNA and they don’t do the medical. I wish I had known. My results surprised me because all my life my mom said her mom was half Native American. Lots of prejudice toward her. Well my test didn’t show anything. So I wonder who told my grandma she was half Native American.

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