hey yall!!! we’re going to do another video based on our gedmatch resutls. put your results into gedmatch for a more detailed analysis of your heritage. on gedmatch i found out that i am in fact VERY African (all areas multiples countries east, central, north, south and WEST!) and carry ancient dna linking to people in Iran and South India. Also we narrowed the European dna way down to Irish/Scottish, western (Russian,German, Ukraine etc) and Viking/Scandanavian. My mother’s DNA showed a small percentage Ashkenazi Jew which went with the family history we heard go to my parents Ancestry dna video to hear those results)!

I AM PROUD OF MY AFRICAN & HEBREW LINEAGE! I WAS DISAPPOINTED IN THE VAGUENESS OF 23ANDME which is why i bought my parents ancestry.com tests which in the update video of their results you’ll see a much happier candee zarah Rue! lol

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  1. En vogue says:

    I just wanna talk about some of the things you mentioned in this video. 1) skin tone does not determine how African one is. 2) there’s a good chance you’d be west African considering that that’s where they brought the slaves from

  2. Your pigmentation doesn't classify your ethnicity. I myself am East African and quite light skin, with wavy curly hair, so is the majority of my family, I also ignorantly assumed I would have a few mixes in me, but on the contrary, I was 80% African and Middle east with Asian. I know someone whom is much darker than I am with curlier hair that has 65% African. Just goes to show your pigmentation is purely based on whichever chromosome fused together to give you those characteristics, that can obviously be influenced by race but not solely based on it (another example is the Nigerian couple that gave birth to a pure white girl).

  3. You were hoping for East African?
    Well. Welcome to the West African ancetral side.
    You don't look East African.

  4. During the Slave trade people where taken from mostly went and central Africa. You look super East African but if you’re African American there is a very very slim chance you’ll have any East African.

  5. Embrace your truth! Honor and give thanks to your West African ancestors, whose warrior strength allowed them to survive the middle passage! 🙂

  6. azure kite says:

    Just because you have a black and white parent doesn't mean you're going to be light skin. There are a lot of people who are mixed who are super dark even as dark as Wesley Snipes or Whoopi Goldberg

  7. Why would a black person be a Muslim? The Arab slave trade is the only reason why Islam is in lower Africa. Don’t fool yourself

  8. Stop being ashamed of being africans! Live with it. Ya ancestors got raped ok ya still black ! Stop trying to be something your not. Ya black ok DNA dont lie.

  9. The ignorance is real..wow. Hopefully after this test you became more open minded & knowledgeable.

  10. Watching this was disappointing

  11. Ethiopians and all of east africa weren't slaves in Americana…. West Africa has very beautiful history and culture alos!

  12. You're East African. Try Another test. You definitely have that distinct East African look. They got it wrong sister.

  13. BlackBeard says:

    Sister Candee you said you like Dabke so click the Link down below and watch. 🙂

  14. Petty Wap says:

    There was so much ignorance in this video. Unbelievable.

  15. I am from ethiopia and u look like ethiopian

  16. I used FamilyTreeDNA.com and I found out I am jewish!!! Spanish Jew. This site allows you to post your email address. Because of that I was able to email with a relative who lives in Israel. Also, one who lives in Canada and says we are from the tribe Levi!   The funny thing is I was always told I was American Indian but had none of that…instead Jewish was there!

  17. Ding Dong says:

    Do you upload your data to GEDmatch ?

  18. Kelley says:

    Actually her nose reminds me of Sophia Loren's nose–from a side view.

  19. Sailor C says:

    My name is Candyce also. I love the meaning of Ethiopian Queen in the bible.

  20. You literally look like a native east african. Thought you were habesha or Somali for a second.

  21. Candee you are falling into the stereotype that all Africans are dark. This is a huge misconception of the western or colonial mindset.
    Please research AFRICA.

  22. D Rising says:

    and disconnected from those you do share dna with clearly

  23. D Rising says:

    It's like you guys were making a wish list and not thinking of real known history. You can feel connected to cultures without sharing dna

  24. She's color struck. Probably why she's with a light skinned dude.

  25. Mariam Mag says:

    where is your video clarifying where you exactly from? I can't find it

  26. Live Epic says:

    disappointed much

  27. most African Americans are west African genetically since that is where the slaves trades happened

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