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7 thoughts on “23andMe ancestry + health results!

  1. Aren't these all questions u answered on the survey

  2. The Native American comes from your father many so called African Americans are Indigenous to the Americas….Iberian is Spain and Portugal

  3. interesting. I thought you were a Latina. btw, Iberian is Spain and Portugal

  4. Wow! You would have a White kid if you married a White dude! Nevertheless, very nice results!

  5. John NY says:

    This is the first DNA results video I have seen with such details like the probability of having certain characteristics. interesting. Thanks for sharing. What did your husband think of your results?

  6. Great video! You should upload your Raw 23andme DNA to gedmatch.com and learn more about your tribes and more cousins. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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