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23andMe Ancestry Results

23andMe Ancestry Results

What are you? We find out what our DNA has to say about our ethnic origins. 面白いと思ったら高評価お願いします!
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11 thoughts on “23andMe Ancestry Results

  1. Taiwanese and Chinese "mixed" = 99% Chinese, LOL

  2. Qwert yuo says:

    You guys are funny

  3. What is the other database you guys uploaded it to called?

  4. wei yang says:

    taiwanese,LOL!Like a joke

  5. Jed Huang says:

    You mother is a cantonese that makes sense to carry some south east Asian DNA. Canton & Guangxi are a little mix with tribes which associated with South east Asia, that explain why Cantonese looks very different from other people in north China .

  6. you 2 were cute! ^-^ Thanks guys, made me smile!

  7. Wait was there a distinction for the aboriginal Taiwanese gene? I'm really curious about how the aboriginal Taiwanese gene would show up

  8. The Fists says:

    Ashkenazi Jews aren't really white, they are Middle Eastern ( Southwest Asian ), and Southeast European Greek, so they are Greek, Turkish, Italian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Israeli.

  9. myohmyli says:

    I'm a Eurasian mix as well. I wonder what my results would be. ^_^

  10. For some reason the Asian dominate the European some guy that was half English and half Chinese and his Asian side dominated his European by 1or 2 percent

  11. the people call Ashkenazi have their origins in central Asia they are a Turkic people who've mixed with Chinese people around western regions Asian for 1,000 year before some were chased in to Anatolia becoming turkey and parts of the mid east.

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