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  1. As long its close it should be ok you can look at the map of all three to have good idea from where they came from that they have higlighted and get idea about where your ancestors came from for mine my biggest ones are benin and togo ancestory.com my heritage but remember amcestory has the biggest databse of samples collected and been around longer

  2. The percentages will be different because they use different algorithms to determine ethnicity and have different databases of samples collected

  3. Oh does this means I can submit my raw data frim 23andme to Ftdna? Will it be similar to testing with them? I don't want to take another test.

  4. 23andme: 96.1% middle eastern 2.4% south asian
    Family tree dna: 74% middle eastern 23% south asian

    those companies are not accurate for middle eastern and asians unfortunately.

  5. Why almost all of the DNA's Corporations always sepharade a Western Eurasians as a "European" (British, German, France, Italy, etc) and a "Middle Easterner" (Arab, Northastern African and Asia Minor (Turkey, Armenian, Lebanese, etc)? Contrast with a Far East Asians who only have Southeast Asian (Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malagasy), East Asian (Chinese, Japanese) and "it's surprising" Native American! From 23andMe DNA Testing.

  6. Get your presentation together to present it without of your uncertainties,etc.

  7. Get your presentation together to present it without of your uncertainties,etc.

  8. What is your European breakdown of Europe for the ftdna results. I did the same, transferred ancestry results to ftdna. The native american went down and Europe went up. However I got alot of Finland/northern Siberian. Also got the east Asia and central asia

  9. senna says:

    Please show your face,

  10. Brian says:

    what kit from Family Tree DNA did you buy? Did you buy the Family Finder kit that was $99?

  11. I tried AncestryDNA and FTDNA, though I hadn't tried 23andMe. FTDNA was a lot different than Ancestry and felt it was the least accurate.

  12. Kandi P. says:

    I was thinking about doing ftdna, thanks to this video, I will save my money. The African you have <2% is small so I would give it a pass that they didn't pick it up, but the high European is a no-no. They need to shut it down and get more samples lol. I would not submit a new sample to them. Try free sites dna.land and gedmatch. also fb has an app for free dna and health testing called genes for good. I'm waiting on my saliva kits from them for my husband and I. TFS!

  13. None of these seem like they would be helpful to discover Jewish ancestry. Would you say that's right?

  14. linnea R says:

    If you click on trace regions on ancestry you can see the specific regions πŸ™‚

  15. fkin8shyt says:

    How much did you pay for the 23andme & AncestryDNA tests & which tests where they? I saw your video on the FamilyTreeDNA & how you don't think it was accurate so I wanna try other companies now. Lol.

  16. so I'm curious, what is the best DNA company in your opinion? I took a test with family tree but I don't think it's right, not if what my parents told me. I notice this video is old that's y I ask that question.

  17. Kippy says:

    Very Interesting.
    Thank You for sharing. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh no, 23andme doesn't distinguish between asian and native american? I know I'm 1/4 japanese on my mother's side, but my dad's side is convinced my paternal grandmother was about 1/2 native american and my paternal grandfather also had native american ancestry. I was hoping to test the accuracy of those stories and parse out my japanese and (possible) native american ancestry. πŸ™ I guess I should go with AncestryDNA….

  19. Thanks for posting the comparison. Β That was helpful.

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