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23andMe and Personalized Genetic Testing (CS04)

23andMe and Personalized Genetic Testing (CS04)

Cracked Science 04 (2017-11-02)

Can a company like 23andMe tell you anything useful when you send them your DNA? And what are they planning on doing next with their million-plus DNA samples?

Jonathan Liked Something: “The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of 23andMe”

Production crew: Frank Roop (McGill University)
Theme music: Joseph Hackl (http://www.VoodooJazz.ca)
Graphic design: Cassandra Lee
Backdrop: Hollandog (Licensed from Shutterstock)

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1 thought on “23andMe and Personalized Genetic Testing (CS04)

  1. Oooh! i sent in my saliva! And I found out I was 3.9% Neanderthal!
    But I have no back hair! And my IQ is … well (ha ha) probably higher than yours.
    So why am I still a pole dancer at the Ormstown hotel? No Polish guys ever visit!
    Just horny young farm boys, who I suspect, wish to spread their DNA in me! And, sorry- it ain't their saliva.

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