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9 thoughts on “23andMe: Depression and Bipolar Study

  1. Sam Morano says:

    I signed up about a month ago for it and still haven’t got my kit ):

  2. Not in my region – I am a 23andMe customer

  3. Id love to take part but itd not available in the uk. 23 has always been in my life life I see it everywhere, even born on the 23rd. I was wondering why its called 3andme ?? Could anyone help

  4. Do results take longer to come up for research volunteers? It's been 8 days since my reports entered the generation phase.

  5. 23andMe, it says the page is down for updates. Are you still recruiting?

  6. Is there an age limit? I am 64 yrs and Bipolar/PTSD diagnosed by VA.

  7. I'd love to do this, unfortunately I'm fourteen 😛

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