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23andMe: Discovering Roots

23andMe: Discovering Roots

“I thought I was coming from one place and found out I’m coming from someplace else.”


7 thoughts on “23andMe: Discovering Roots

  1. K. P. says:

    So what if idiot Trump did the spit test, what results of his DNA would be? His result will shown – ? 30% … 25% ? … 15% ? … 10% ? …8% ? …6% ? …5% ? …1% ☠

  2. I don't know if this is an actor or if it's legit. But even if he does have English, Irish or Scottish, it's probably in the 1-5% probably. Just guessing here, but everything about his physical make-up is a purely black here, he's not even light skinned or biracial obviously. I felt like they kinda milked it with the "I thought I was coming from one place and found out I'm coming from someplace else." Quite a number of European countries he listed, I would understand it if they incorporated other places, but I just felt it was exaggerated with the "Irish, Scottish & English" But that's just me, I probably sound like I'm trippin' haha.

  3. we need to correct his genes and aryanize him so that we can unify the race

  4. "Irish, Scottish and English"


  5. It blew your mind that your ancestors got raped by Irish and Scottish people? Dumb ass.

  6. I am 67% British & Irish and was delighted to find out I have Sub-Saharan African ancestors as well. 🙂 It's likely we gained our African ancestor while my ancestors were in Canada. I suspect my ancestor had escaped to Canada on the Underground Railroad, but that is just speculation.

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